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Rise to the challenge

by Mayse Lam

Alex Lee, executive director
Noble Apex Advisors Ltd
Photo: Edde Ngan

Financial planning services have expanded dramatically in recent times and this trend looks set to continue.

"As the demand for financial services continues to increase, we anticipate even greater challenges," says Alex Lee, executive director at Noble Apex Advisors Ltd. The primary focus, he adds, is to continuously accommodate and exceed customers' high expectations.

"With so much possible in financial planning these days, customers expect more than just the basic products and services. They are becoming more aware of their options and are constantly seeking innovative products to invest in, which means it takes more effort to satisfy their needs. Therefore, as their financial planners, it is important that we are always ahead of them when it comes to knowledge of new products," says Mr Lee.

He notes also that there is still a shortage of wealth management professionals and this gap is only getting wider as the population of investors in Hong Kong and the mainland grows. "With the recent developments in China's huge foreign exchange markets and with Hong Kong's continuous economic growth, there are tremendous opportunities waiting for individuals to grasp," Mr Lee remarks. "Although there always appears to be individuals joining the industry, the turnover rate is higher compared to other fields and it has become more difficult to retain such professionals."

As one of the leading independent financial advisories in Hong Kong, Noble Apex has risen to the challenges. "Instead of mere product selling, we try to satisfy our clients' high expectations through tailor-making total financial planning solutions. At the same time, we also carry out various promotional activities to enhance our corporate image, aiming ultimately to build trust in our brand and hoping to stand out from competitors," Mr Lee explains.

To further distinguish the company from other financial institutions, Noble Apex puts a lot of effort into developing new talent in the field, establishing an environment in which its employees can enjoy long-term and rewarding career prospects with the company. "We value our staff and make every effort to ensure they are satisfied with what they are doing," Mr Lee says. "We constantly provide training to enhance their knowledge and skills, and make certain that they are working in a comfortable environment. We also provide them with a comprehensive remuneration package that is competitive or even better than other institutions may offer."

Reflecting on recent developments in financial planning and considering what the future holds, Mr Lee says, "Challenges in our industry are a good sign. Without them, improvements could not be made and Hong Kong would not have evolved to become one of the world's leading financial centres as it is today."

Business ambience

  • Tremendous opportunities await aspired individuals
  • Total solutions satisfy client expectations
  • Challenges facilitate improvements

Taken from Career Times 23 November 2007, p. A2
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