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by Billy Chan

David Li, director, human resources and customer service
New World Telecommunications
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Telecommunications service provider dedicated to providing quality connectivity

Hong Kong's vibrant and competitive telecommunications sector has been expanding rapidly over the past few years. Big corporations drive demand, but internet services are indispensable to companies of all sizes.

Network speed, data storage capacity and service stability are among some of the key considerations when it comes to choosing a service provider, says David Li, director, human resources and customer service, New World Telecommunications (NWT).

As one of the leading business telecommunications and data services providers, NWT's clientele comprises large, medium- and small-sized enterprises that demand a myriad of services, including IP centrex, international lease lines, international calling service, high speed broadband, internet data centre, system integration and managed security services.

To meet rising demand for data storage on the internet in particular, NWT launched an award-winning new WiFi-enabled Internet Data Centre (iDC) last year. The state-of-the-art and environmentally-friendly storage facility is capable of housing enterprises' mission-critical equipment.

"This secure data centre facility satisfies the needs of the vast majority of business customers, giving them the flexibility to adjust their managed services and storage capacity when needed," Mr Li notes.

Skills development

NWT is well aware that telecommunications service providers need to provide a lot more than just hardware upgrades. The company therefore invests heavily in training its people.

IT and engineering staff are required to obtain the necessary professional qualifications, including networking and system design certifications, and programming certifications from various vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle. The company also sponsors programme fees for aspiring employees, Mr Li adds.

With an increasing number of mainland-based companies expanding their business horizons to Hong Kong, fluency in Mandarin is becoming increasingly important to frontline personnel in various positions. NWT therefore provides its employees, including engineers and IT technicians working in supporting roles, with language training. Engineering staff is compelled to complete a series of 10 classes, culmination in a test, to ensure that their Mandarin skills are up to standard.

"Our goal is to ensure clear communication with our customers," says Mr Li. "We want to make sure there are no language barriers to undermine our business development efforts."

The roles of IT technicians and engineers differ within NWT. The former is involved in administrative tasks, client billing and database maintenance, while the latter repairing, developing and monitoring the system.

New talent

NWT recently launched a six- to nine-month trainee programme as part of its ongoing efforts to develop talent for the company's various business units, including IT and engineering. "Last year, we took in about 20 to 30 trainees and we plan to do the same this year," explains Mr Li, adding that the aim is to develop new recruits' skills under the mentorship of experienced employees.

In addition to this, the programme is also designed to improve the trainees' hands-on performance, as well as soft skills such as leadership and communication techniques.

Another objective is to engage trainees in their chosen areas and to keep them focused. They are expected to participate fully in operations and training in their own departments, with opportunities to take part in cross-departmental projects.

The company treasures diversity and, in addition to engineering and computer science graduates, candidates from other backgrounds are also welcome to apply, says Mr Li.
New employees are introduced to NWT's five core values. These include "value customers", "show passion", "foster innovation", "cherish people development", and "care for the environment".

The company also engages its staff and customers in its green ventures by introducing paperless office, electronic billing as well as promoting the use of email as a preferred communication tool.

With constant technological advances leading to ongoing expansion and change within the industry, aspiring telecommunications professionals need to be open-minded and stay ahead of the market.

"IT professionals should place themselves in their customers' shoes in order to produce the best results, and engineers will find themselves under increasing pressure to find solutions as new challenges arise," Mr Li concludes.

Strength to strength

  • New internet data centre satisfies the needs of business customers
  • Employees required to obtain professional certification and polish their language skills
  • Trainee programme develops new talent in IT and engineering
  • Candidates of diverse backgrounds welcomed

Taken from Career Times 30 April 2010, B4

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