Money Moves

Structured training creates successful platform

by Christina Tai

Samuel Leung, chief executive officer, Venhouse Financial Planning Limited
Photo: Ringo Lee

For people hoping to become financial planning consultants, relevant experience is a major advantage, but is by no means essential.

"We regard motivation as very important and have noticed that the most motivated individuals are often those seeking to change profession," says Samuel Leung, chief executive officer of Venhouse Financial Planning Limited. "If potential recruits have worked in other fields, they will also have thought very carefully about their career ambitions and personal expectations before deciding on a move into financial planning."

In many cases, they will have attended career seminars, researched the necessary professional qualifications, and perhaps even started to take the courses recommended by industry bodies and the Vocational Training Council (VTC).

Mr Leung notes that all these factors help the chances of recruitment. They demonstrate that applicants are mature and independent and understand what it will take to succeed. He adds that, in interviews, Venhouse will also look for customer service experience, interpersonal skills, and indications that the candidate has a good network of personal contacts.

All new joiners receive thorough training in line with the KASH model. This focuses on knowledge of products, markets and policies; attitude to the industry, company and matters of personal development; skills needed for the profession; and habits which promote a work-life balance and help business.

There is continuous professional development, with courses offered by the Hong Kong Securities Institute and the VTC, as well as quarterly programmes on professional requirements and weekly meetings. When consultants pass professional exams or successfully complete courses, Venhouse will arrange reimbursement of various fees.

As part of its management philosophy, the company emphasises teamwork and close cooperation between frontline consultants and back-office staff for the benefit of clients.

"The outlook for the industry is good and there are great opportunities for career development," says Mr Leung. "People who are prepared to put in the time and effort in the initial stages can build a successful platform that will yield very attractive rewards."

Taken from Career Times 20 October 2006, p. A2
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