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Tailored solutions through top-tier, one-firm approach

by Nicolette Wong

SHK Private - Premium wealth-management
Katie Lin, Managing Director
SHK Private
Photo: Louis Lam

Wealth management provider offers full suite of premium products and services

Despite the fluctuating global financial markets, the influx of affluent clients, and particularly from mainland China, brings ample opportunities for private wealth managers in Hong Kong. In order to capitalise on market potential, it is crucial for financial institutions that want to lead the way to devise pioneering and comprehensive service platforms.

As a signature account of Sun Hung Kai Financial (SHKF) for high-net-worth and ultra high-net-worth clients, SHK Private offers these investors a full suite of personalised premium wealth-management products and services.

The establishment of SHK Private highlights SHKF as an outstanding provider of differentiated premium wealth-management services, says Katie Lin, Managing Director, SHK Private. "It shows that we're more than just a brokerage firm," she stresses. "At SHK Private, we adopt a 'top-tier, one-firm', open and integrated investment approach that distinguishes us as a top-tier private wealth-management institution, with one of the broadest product and service scopes available. The launch of SHK Private has helped to redefine our brand image in the industry."

The fact that SHK Private can utilise SHKF's full spectrum of resources gives it a competitive edge, Ms Lin remarks. SHK Private is positioned as an exclusive premium financial-services hub, with its wealth management specialists and investment strategists providing customised solutions to a broad range of high-net-worth clients.

Integrated approach

To meet the diverse needs of its customers, SHK Private's open platform is an innovative move, based on a service-oriented approach covering everything from personal financial goals to business expansion, Ms Lin points out.

In terms of personal investments, SHK Private offers a variety of traditional and alternative solutions to diversify risk and achieve well-balanced portfolios to help clients achieve their goals. Lifecycle solutions, such as retirement income and estate planning, provide wealth protection and management for the future.

For clients with varied business plans, SHK Private's top-tier, one-firm concept offers individually tailored financial solutions, as well as flexible and portable institutional capital-market initiatives for different business purposes. It also offers liquidity solutions to clients that have to address urgent financial needs and uncertainties. Clients that are working to expand their business ventures, such as IPO listings, have access to corporate banking and investment services.

In building long-term relationships with its clients, SHK Private understands the importance of personal fulfillment in wealth management, Ms Lin notes. The services provider devises personalised financial solutions to offer "lifestyle exposure" for clients pursuing new experiences. Its premium customer-service platform offers luxuries and conveniences such as exclusive chauffeur services, while membership of its Club Prive also presents a variety of lifestyle, travel and other exclusive services and experiences.

"Paying attention to our clients' individual personal needs helps to strengthen their trust in us," says Ms Lin. "It also makes it clear that SHK Private is dedicated to delivering all-round, top-quality and tailor-made financial solutions."

Turning challenge into opportunity

SHK Private's products and services respond in a timely manner to the growing demand for private wealth management, especially from mainland clients. High-net-worth customers from across the border are seeking to diversify their investment portfolios with more sophisticated tools in order to maximise wealth creation in the long term, points out Ms Lin. To serve the various segments of this client base, SHK Private will be expanding its team of wealth management specialists.

A major challenge facing the industry is how to rebuild and strengthen clients' trust in wealth-management companies, given memories of the recent financial downturn and the continued volatility of financial markets worldwide, Ms Lin says.

To turn challenge into opportunity, SHK Private intends to recruit top-calibre candidates and groom them to become the next generation of leading wealth management specialists. This will also help it gear up for market recovery.

Ideally, candidates should have educational and personal backgrounds that give them insight into the lifestyle and aspirations of affluent clients. Those with less experience and fewer connections, but with a keen interest in the field, might start as associates to senior private wealth managers.

SHK Private has a structured promotion mechanism for newcomers, helping them to acquire the essential skills and networks while working their way up. Comprehensive, competency-based training, focusing on technical knowledge and client servicing, is available for all new staff and wealth management specialists to help them develop their careers.

"We're in fast-growing mode and on the look-out for excellent candidates who can identify with our mission, values and professional standards. With our wide platform of top-quality financial services and the right people, we're confident that we'll continue seizing market opportunities," Ms Lin concludes.

Surging forward

  • SHK Private offers a full suite of premium wealth-management products and services
  • "Top-tier one-firm" open integrated investment approach presents broad scope of solutions
  • Paying close attention to clients' personal needs strengthens their trust
  • SHK Private to expand team of wealth management specialists to serve expanding mainland client base
  • Structured mechanism helps newcomers acquire essential skills and networks

Taken from Career Times 2 December 2011, A3

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