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Television Advertising - A fascinating industry

by Kitty Chu

Television Advertising
Cheong Shin-Keong
Assistant General Manager
Television Broadcasts Limited

Television broadcasting has always been a fascinating industry for young people. However, Hong Kong's TV industry has been experiencing a downturn since the economic turmoil of 1997.

Mr. Cheong Shin-Keong, Assistant General Manager of Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), says his current job has given him lots of challenges since he first joined the company in 1989.

After graduating with a degree in mathematics from the University of Malaya, he joined J Walter Thompson ("JWT"), a well-known international advertising company, as a media planner.

By the time he left JWT in 1989, he was the company's Regional Media Planning Director.

" Always think of your boss's interests. Your boss pays you because you help him make money. It is extremely important, especially during an economic downturn. "

Think in a logical way

Mr. Cheong was headhunted by TVB, which was one of the fastest growing enterprises in Hong Kong in the 80s. "Working at JWT gave me lots of good opportunities to meet most of the chief executives/ directors of other companies involved in the media industry. My responsibilities at JWT were mainly to prepare data, carry out analysis and give advice to clients on how to spend their money wisely on advertising. This experience provided me with a good foundation for joining TVB, initially as Controller of the Marketing and Sales Division," Mr. Cheong recalls. He was promoted to Assistant General Manager in November 1995.

While at JWT, Mr. Cheong learned different skills in data analysis as well as a knack for making good advertising presentations. With a degree in Mathematics, he had been able to develop his mind to think logically, and with the working experience gained from the advertising company, he could fully utilise his creative talent.

Protect your boss's interests

Although Mr. Choeng has worked for only two companies since graduating from university, he believes he has gained substantial working experience over the years.

As the head of more than 120 staff in TVB's Marketing and Sales Division, a major revenue earning department, Mr. Cheong would like his staff become even more skillful and have a good knowledge of the industry, and to develop his/her own career at the same time. Since TVB has always given its sales agents flexibility in their negotiations with their clients, Mr. Cheong stressed that maintaining trust and good relationship between team leaders and team members is vital to a sales team's success.

After joining TVB in 1989, Mr Cheong initiated the setting up of the "HKMA-TVB for Marketing Excellence" award in collaboration with the Hong Kong Management Association, the first business award to be introduced in Hong Kong.

Mr. Cheong is now an HKMA council member. He also heads several of the association's working groups. "The award scheme is one of the proud achievements of my career," Mr.Cheong said.

China Opportunities

Like many other industries in Hong Kong, TVB is planning to diversify its business in the China market. "It is certain that we will have more opportunities in China. Nevertheless, television broadcasting is a sensitive industry. Initially, we would like to join some of the local broadcasting companies in China to establish a firm footing in the market. It is not easy to predict we will make a profit in the China market. It will, of course, be another great challenge for me." said by Mr. Cheong.

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Taken from Career Times 29 March 2002, p. 28
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