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by Isabella Lee

Christina Law, president
Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd
Photo: Johnny Kwok

Positions available for creative and innovative people

To cater for value-oriented consumer markets, manufacturers strive to ensure that every aspect of their end products meets or even exceeds standards. As growing emphasis is put on quality assurance, its inherent services — testing, inspection and certification — are becoming more significant.

"We help customers assess products and commodities that they buy and sell against a wide range of safety, regulatory, quality and performance standards," Christina Law, president, Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd, says. "Our services take us into almost every field imaginable, including textiles, toys, electronics, building, heating, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, food and cargo scanning."

With an extensive network of over 18,000 employees in 930 offices and laboratories spanning 109 countries, Intertek is a leading international provider of quality and safety services to a wide range of global and local industries. From product design and product testing to final random inspection, Intertek serves as a long-term partner to its customers and increases companies' competitive edge by implementing quality assurance procedures and processes of the highest standards.

Winning partnership

"Our commitment to supporting and adding value for our customers drives us to market and focus our sales to customers. Our solutions facilitate customers' success in the global marketplace. Most importantly, we provide customers with confidence," Ms Law says.

Combining international exposure with local expertise, Intertek has detailed knowledge of local legislation, culture and market conditions, on a global scale. This allows customers the competitive advantage they need to operate in the diverse markets in which they source and sell their products. By doing its job, Intertek enables its customers to put all their energy into their core business activities.

Established on a strong ethos of customer service, Intertek's client responsiveness extends from the speed with which services are delivered, to the way in which services are developed and designed to meet ever-changing customer requirements.

With unparalleled expertise, years of experience, in-depth understanding of standards, inspection procedures and test methods, comprehensive training programmes and world-class laboratories, Intertek guarantees its customers receive the most professional and consistent services available.

"Being one of the leading international consumer product testing, inspection and certification services providers in the world, we have earned the faith and trust of our customers, which include some of the world's leading retail organisations, manufacturers, international traders and brands. We help them throughout their supply chain, to minimise business risks," Ms Law says.

Strong team

People hoping to enter sales and marketing in the testing, inspection and certification services should possess a degree with a major related to business or marketing. "Our customer base and professionalism require the sales and marketing team not only to grow the business, but also to be ambassadors of Intertek," Ms Law says.

As Intertek provides specialist services and innovative solutions to retail organisations, manufacturers, international traders and brands, she adds that it is advantageous to have sales and marketing experience in those fields.

"Fresh graduates are nonetheless still considered," Ms Law says. "Intertek employs teams of highly skilled and motivated individuals tasked with achieving the fastest possible turnaround time for customers. We understand that a rapid response rate is essential in today's modern business environment and the biggest challenge of the job is to keep up with our customers' needs. To succeed, we hire people with a positive attitude, fast learning ability and willingness to face challenges. They must be proactive team players who can contribute creative ideas and always drive passionately for results. For those with no experience, our structured training and continued investment in advanced technology equip them with the most advanced industry knowledge — everything they need to know."

Positions on the sales and marketing team, Ms Law explains, come with two major responsibilities. While "new sales leads" capture potential business opportunities, "account management" maintains good relationships with existing customers, fulfilling their needs.

"We want people who can grow and develop together with Intertek. Therefore we have a structured career path for each sales and marketing team member to follow step by step based on skills, experience and knowledge. A passion for the field makes a difference not only to the company but also to their own future," Ms Law remarks.


Taken from Career Times 03 August 2007
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