Top-ranked programme offers global outlook

by Nicolette Wong

(left to right) Robert Widing, dean; Malcolm Irving, deputy chancellor and chairman of the MGSM board of directors; and Richard Petty, associate dean (international), Macquarie Graduate School of Management
Macquarie University
Photo: Dickie Tam

Leadership qualities, innovative thought and the ability to create value are only some of the essential for successful managers. Today's business leaders also need to keep abreast of their industries and market developments. The best way to ensure this is through ongoing education and self-development.

Among the competitive options for Hong Kong students wanting to further their careers are the postgraduate programmes offered by Australia-based Macquarie University's Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM).

MGSM was established in 1969 and has been offering postgraduate business administration programmes in partnership with the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) since 1994. More than 3,000 Hong Kong participants have graduated from the various programmes over the years, with a current enrolment of about 400.

The programmes include a choice of postgraduate certificate and diploma, a master of management and a master of business administration. Students may choose to enrol in any of the four levels towards an MBA qualification. "This flexibility caters to the work commitment and lifestyle needs of our students," explains Richard Petty, associate dean (international), MGSM.

Recognised internationally, MGSM was placed fifth in the accountancy section and eighth in the finance category of the esteemed Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2010.

"Since MGSM is a dedicated educator in Asia Pacific, the programmes are well suited to the needs of local candidates," says Robert Widing, dean, MGSM. "Apart from a world-class faculty and programmes, we also boast top students from diverse backgrounds who bring their experience into the classroom. The learning experience is therefore highly interactive."

In recent years, MGSM has also attracted a strong pool of applicants from mainland China, bringing an alternative perspective of business management.

The course material comprises a diverse range of subjects, including accounting, leadership strategy and human resources management. "Our students are equipped with the core knowledge that all successful managers need and are free to focus on the area of study most suited to their individual professions," says Professor Widing.

A quality MBA ensures a sound knowledge of accounting, financial markets and value creation, crucial assets for anyone seeking to rise to a managerial level, he points out. "Someone who is weak in any of these areas will be lacking when it comes to leadership strategy and decision-making. We provide our students with insight as well as soft skills, making them more comfortable with decision-making in their specialised areas," he adds.

The institution plans to expand the international perspective of its curriculum to enhance Hong Kong students' learning experience. "Our aim is to bring our Hong Kong and Sydney students closer together through a high quality education model, which will include virtual study groups and workshops," Professor Widing concludes.

Learning plus

  • Learners from diverse backgrounds bring their experience into the classroom
  • MBA studies provide business insights
  • Students from across the globe interact via virtual platforms

Taken from Career Times 30 July 2010, A10

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