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Training builds prosperity

by Agnes Chan

Dennis Wong, managing director
CASH Frederick Taylor Limited
Photo: Edde Ngan

The economic downturn in the US has shaken investors worldwide. During times of such volatility however, wealth managers play a crucial role in securing healthy financial returns for clients by leveraging on their analytical skills and comprehensive investment advice.

To satisfy growing customer demand evident across the industry, CASH Frederick Taylor Limited (CFT) has recently escalated its recruitment of high-calibre candidates. Once on board, new recruits can expect a fruitful career backed by an array of in-house training and development programmes. These include sales techniques, soft skills, compliance as well as computer software.

"A comprehensive training programme must emphasise not only knowledge but also its application," says Dennis Wong, CFT's managing director. "All our staff are guided to deliver the fruits of their learning to the benefit of our clients. Enhanced levels of customer satisfaction are the performance assessment criterion for our staff."

In particular, to equip new recruits with the right mindset and confirm their aspiration, the company arranges for them to participate in a two-week intensive training programme, learning the basis of wealth management, helping to build a solid foundation. They are subsequently assessed on both professional knowledge and communication skills before proceeding to three months of on-the-job training which covers investment knowledge, compliance practice and financial report analysis to further boost confidence and ensure their future clients receive the most up-to-date and accurate recommendations. "Through these, recruits gain professional exposure and recognition," Mr Wong remarks. "We provide thorough training to support staff development and elevate them to higher positions. In addition, career opportunities with us are well-documented and transparent."

Outstanding financial professionals at CFT are also nominated for awards such as the Distinguished Salesperson Award (DSA). "We value and appreciate effort and progress. Therefore, nominating staff for the award is a way of recognising their superlative contributions in both Hong Kong and greater China," notes Mr Wong.

To achieve its ultimate goals, CFT sets standards and clear objectives for its employees. "Client benefit is our ultimate aim. With mutual understanding, we work towards that very goal, incorporating the same high standards for every client," Mr Wong emphasises, adding that a positive attitude and a great sense of teamwork are also key to excelling in the field. "Team spirit means a great deal in our business. As such, our staff must be good team players who gel with members of the team to create synergy and a constructive atmosphere especially when the going gets tough," he says.

The wealth management profession welcomes candidates from diverse backgrounds. Although a recognised degree in finance, business or communication is always useful, candidates with a positive attitude, tenacity, devotion and passion are most likely to excel. "Wealth management services in Hong Kong will spill over into greater China in no time. Aspiring individuals can get a firm foothold in the industry by working with us," Mr Wong concludes.

Taken from Career Times 22 February 2008, p. A13
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