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Training in tune with the market

By Nicole Wong

This is a fortnightly series of articles focusing on the banking and financial industries

Successful executives in the finance and securities sector are marked out by their professionalism and integrity. Sometimes, though, they need a little extra guidance, and that is when they can turn to the Hong Kong Securities Institute (HKSI) for assistance. This body sets standards for the industry and runs a series of training programmes in securities and investment practices which keep professionals fully up-to-date with the many changes taking place around them.

Training may be in the form of lunch-time briefings, lengthier structured courses, or seminars on the latest in financial regulations, new products and trade issues related to the China market. Upon request, the HKSI also organises in-house programmes for companies whose staff have particular needs and makes available e-courses for members unable to commit to a fixed schedule of study.

"The programmes cover both vocational and practical aspects of the industry," notes Gary Cheung, CEO of the HKSI, "and appropriate courses are designed for people of all levels of experience. They also give members certain exemptions from other academic or professional qualifications which they may want to pursue."

Aware of the financial sector's general diversity, the HKSI has made special efforts to offer courses which mirror this. "We invite highly qualified experts from a variety of backgrounds to be trainers," says Mr Cheung. "In addition, we get experienced guest lecturers from overseas to give a truly global perspective."

The resulting opportunities to exchange information have undoubtedly stimulated contacts between the local securities industry and other worldwide financial centres. Looking ahead, the HKSI will use this model plus the extension of CEPA to build stronger links with the leading exchanges in China. Their aim is to develop a new range of employment possibilities.

"People with HKSI qualifications are not limited to working in Hong Kong," Mr Cheung explains. "We are a professional body recognised in a number of countries, including Canada, and will further expand our scope."

To be sure of offering what the industry requires, an oversight committee reviews all HKSI courses and feedback from students is closely monitored. "We encourage such participation so that programmes are always relevant," Mr Cheung notes.

Taken from Career Times 12 November 2004, p. 2
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