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Winning credibility and respect

by Nicolette Wong

Hang Seng Bank - group C finalist of HKIB Outstanding Financial Management Planner Awards
June Hui, VP and Relationship Manager
Private Banking Department, Hang Seng Bank Limited
Photo: Nolly Leung
Private bankers must remain robust and proactive in order to help their clients to get the better of global market volatility.

This is the motto of June Hui, a group C finalist in this year's Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) Outstanding Financial Management Planner Awards. Ms Hui, who is currently a VP and Relationship Manager, Private Banking Department, Hang Seng Bank Limited, emphasises that support from her employer essentially drives her to pursue further learning and development opportunities.

"On top of daily briefing sessions and market updates, my colleagues and I receive regular training which is geared towards getting us up to speed with not only industry requirements but also important issues in relation to, for instance, compliance and product development."

In a bid to serve the wealth management needs of discerning high net worth clients and to exceed their expectations, Ms Hui stays on top of the profession by seeking every opportunity to keep herself informed of the latest market trends.

"Private banking clients are knowledgeable, savvy investors who expect a great deal from us," she points out. "To gain their trust and respect, I always take the initiative to discuss emerging trends and opportunities with them. "I am ever so grateful for my colleagues and network of contacts for sharing with me market insights and their professional advice. This helps me to stay in the loop."

More than meets the eye

Knowledge in proper etiquette plus a persuasive professional appearance are essential for financial advisors. Aside from this, Ms Hui also makes sure she looks the best for her clients and conducts her daily business in a credible approach.

Client interaction, more often than not, requires a soft, personal touch. In view of this, the bank makes a point to organise a variety of client events such as wine-tasting and themed seminars for its relationship managers to get to know their clients outside the work context. In recent years, a number of the bank's high net worth clients have been engaged in an array of alternative investment events. "We also receive training in these areas so that we can work around different investment interests of our clients," Ms Hui reveals.

To prepare for the annual HKIB Awards, Ms Hui consulted her colleagues from different teams on various aspects of wealth management, while the bank's training team helped to hone her presentation skills. Past HKIB awardees from the bank also joined rehearsal sessions and gave her useful advice.

Ms Hui says that she has already reaped rich rewards from her participation in the HKIB Awards. "I feel even more confidence about my professional acumen and presentation skills," she notes. This, she adds, was a result of the last presentation session where she stood up and presented a wealth management proposal in front of a panel of prominent professionals in Hong Kong's banking and finance industry. To do this, Ms Hui also had a chance to deepen her financial planning knowledge in accordance with the Awards' competency model TRUST which is the acronym for "trusting relationship", "recognise financial goals", "understand financial status", "structure a financial plan that meets the goals", and "timely management of agreed financial plans". "The research and strategic planning process have definitely enhanced my competence in financial analysis," she says.

Taken from Career Times 11 November 2011, A9
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