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Established in 2007, Apex Retail Ltd has expanded extensively to include a wide range of brands, with the main target market being women who deserve and desire to preserve and improve their beauty.
Constantly driven by product innovation, we strive to leverage on resources available worldwide and advanced technology in order to capture the essence of age-defying beauty for our customers.
Through our promise to deliver quality products without compromising, our dedication has been shown through investing in better skincare innovations available in the market despite higher costs and hand-picking active, exotic ingredients.
We are striving hard towards bringing international quality skincare to the local market, expanding to 50 branches all throughout Asia, and fulfilling our ultimate goal of going public, without straying from our two main principles: quality above sales, and quality products without compromise.

Apex Retail 於2007年在新加坡創立,旗下擁有多個國際高級護膚品牌。至今在香港及新加坡共開設20間分店,現積極在亞洲不同地區擴展美容零售業務,致力為顧客提供優質美容護膚產品,從而改善及提升顧客的皮膚質素。
Apex Retail 承諾為大家提供更優質產品,即使在成本不斷上漲,多年來仍堅持手工挑選來自世界不同地方的原材料。

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Address: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Website: https://apexretail.hk/

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毋懼肺炎 疫市擴充


Apex Retail 在香港的第四間分店已於四月在銅鑼灣時代廣場正式開幕!


Apex Retail首度進駐九龍區


Apex Retail 在香港的第三間分店,已於尖沙咀隆重開幕!


Promising SME500 2016


We are pleased to announce that Apex Retail Pte Ltd has been awarded for Promising SME500 2016, being lauded as a top business luminary.
The Promising SME 500 awards was spearheaded to recognize the exceptional achievements of businessmen and women in Singapore, highlighting their commercial success and also recognizing their contributions to the economy and the community at large.
Promising SME500的理念為表彰新加坡商家及婦女的非凡成就,彰顯他們在商業上的成功,並表揚他們對經濟和整個社會的貢獻。Apex Retail 榮獲2016年Promising SME500,足以證明廣受業界認同。



With strong beliefs of continuous active employee development and involvement will greatly enhance the productivity of Apex Retail. As well, we are very proud to receive the Singapore Prestige Class Award for 2016-2017, in recognition for business excellence.
Apex Retail 一直堅信提升員工發展機會和參與度絕對有助公司生產力。我們很榮幸獲得2016-2017年Singapore Prestige Class Award,以表彰卓越的業務表現。

Singapore Prestige Class Award for 2016-2017

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