Tung Nam Lou Hotel

About Tung Nam Lou Hotel

Located at 68 Portland Street, Tung Nam Lou brings together a Hotel, Co-working Space, and Art Space - cultivating artistic and cultural interactions to create an evolving platform.

Tung Nam Lou believes that art is embedded in everyday life, therefore it belongs to everyone and can be created by all. Tung Nam Lou provides an evolving platform for artistic and cultural interactions between art lovers, so as to cultivate new idea and inspirations.

Tung Nam Lou upholds the vision of the founder by making our employees the top priority, while our servicing team are providing their best service to accomodate guests' need under professional support.

Employees of Tung Nam Lou are the most essential members of the art community that we are devoted to building. The company encourages interactions and inspirations between colleagues, guests, artists and all members of the Tung Nam Lou community.

Website: www.TungNamLou.com
FB: www.facebook.com/TNLhotel/
IG: www.instagram.com/tungnamlouhotel/

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