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CTgoodjobs, a brand extension under Career Times Online Ltd., is a member of the Hong Kong Economic Times Group (Stock code: 423). We offer recruitment and employer branding solutions as well as the best UX interface and resources for recruiters and visitors. To cater for a diverse range of target audience, CTgoodjobs has strong social media presence with over 160,000 facebook fans. According to comScore, CTgoodjobs ranks No. 1 in Hong Kong Career Service and Development Category* under MMX Multi-Platform since Jun to Sep 2017.

* Source: comScore Mobile Metrix, Sep 2017, Hong Kong, Total Mobile 18+. Mobile Metrix in Hong Kong uses comScore’s census-based methodology that reports on only tagged entities. Properties which only tag some of their assets (e.g. website but not app) or partially tag (e.g. homepage only) will only be measured on those tagged assets, which will have an impact on the total reported metrics of their entity.

Employment Agency Licence No. 52568
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