What is cover letter?

Cover Letter

What is cover letter?

In the past, when the job market was less competitive, a cover letter was often a simple formality that introduced your resume.

Today, it is a vital instrument that "sells yourself" to the recruiter. In a job search, first impressions really do count and a cover letter is a powerful tool that can get you noticed.

There are many kinds of job search letter. When discussing "cover letters", we are generally referring to letters which accompany resume in response to job advertisements. These guidelines will help you to write effective cover letters. The ideas can also be applied when writing networking, self-marketing and thank you letters.

An effective letter should:
  • Gain the attention of the recruiter and persuade them to invite you for an interview
  • Outline the main ways in which you meet the requirements of the job and can contribute to the company's business
  • Draw attention to "something extra", making you stand out from the other applicants
  • Demonstrate that you understand the job and the company's business
  • Express your interest and energy.

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