Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council 聖公會福利協會

Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council Limited

The Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council cherishes the Christian vision of building a society of justice, peace, love and care, and pursues the service mission of Individual Caring Concern.


Current Openings
行政助理 Administrative Assistant (Ref: CA/AA/20210917-2) 25 OCT
輔導員 Counsellor (Ref: CS/CS/20210430-4) 25 OCT
宿舍導師 Hostel Instructor 中度智障人士宿舍 (Ref: PGR/HI-HMMH/20210910-5) 25 OCT
宿舍導師 Hostel Instructor 嚴重智障人士宿舍〔編號:PGR/HI-HSMH/20200110-80〕 25 OCT
宿舍導師 Hostel Instructor 長期護理院〔編號:PGR/HI-LSCH/20211022-1〕 25 OCT
行政主任 Administration Officer〔編號:PGR/AO/20211022-1〕 25 OCT
助理程序幹事 Assistant Programmer Officer〔編號:HNCNEC/APO/20211022-1〕 25 OCT
復康訓練員/復康助理 Rehabilitation Trainer / Assistant〔編號:MOSTE(KC)/RTRA/20211011-1〕 25 OCT
一級/二級職業治療師 Occupational Therapist I/II 〔編號:MOSTE(KC)/OTI/20210930-3〕 25 OCT
Purchasing Assistant (Ref: CA/PA/20210930-3) 25 OCT
Part-time Programme Worker (編號: OTMC/PTPW/20211022-1) 25 OCT
宿舍導師(中途宿舍)〔編號:PGR/HI-HWH/20210716-14〕 25 OCT
物業管理助理Property Assistant 〔編號:PGR/PMA/20210521-22〕 25 OCT
活動助理〔編號:HNCNEC/PRA/20211022-1〕 25 OCT
Temporary HR Clerk
(Ref: CA/TCA/20211008-2)
22 OCT
Human Resources Assistant 19 OCT
Analyst Programmer 程式分析員 (編號: CA/AP/20210222-13) 18 OCT
System Analyst 系統分析員 (編號: CA/SA/20210222-13) 18 OCT
兼職一級/二級職業治療師 Occupational Therapist I/II (Ref: LTLEC/OTI/OTII/20211015-1) 15 OCT
Technical Officer 技術主任 (編號:CA/EO/20210806-2) 15 OCT
Project Designer (Interior) / Assistant Designer (Ref: CA/PD/20211015-1) 15 OCT
Quantity Surveyor / Assistant Quantity Surveyor (Ref: CA/QS/20211015-1) 15 OCT
照顧員 Care Worker (Ref: CAC/CW/20200515-10) 11 OCT
廚師 Cook (Ref: HYIHCST/CK/20211008-1) 11 OCT
助理程序幹事 Assistant Programme Officer
(Ref: TKO/APO/20210625-2)
11 OCT
督導主任 Service Supervisor
(Ref: WDECC/SS/20211008-1)
11 OCT
物業管理助理Property Assistant
11 OCT
11 OCT
Human Resources Officer / Coordinator
(Ref: CA/HRS/20210831-2)
08 OCT
Director 總幹事 (編號: CA/D/202110/1) 08 OCT
採購助理 Purchasing Assistant
(Ref: CA/PA/20210930-1)
30 SEP
行政助理 Administration Assistant
29 SEP
助理行政主任 Assistant Administration Officer
29 SEP
行政助理 Administrative Assistant
(Ref: SP/AA/20210827-4)
29 SEP
宿舍導師 Hostel Instructor 中度智障人士宿舍
(Ref: PGR/HI-HMMH/20210910-2)
29 SEP
宿舍導師 Hostel Instructor 嚴重智障人士宿舍
29 SEP

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