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HK Caesar International Co., Ltd

Caesarstone was founded in 1987 and listed on NASDAQ in 2012.

HK Caesar has been established for 5 years and is owned my Caesarstone China which has been operating in Shanghai for the past 10 years as headquarter of Caesarstone for Asia.

We have 2 factory for fabrication located in Shanghai and Shenzhen.   Tel: 2110 3165   Fax: 2110 0599

度 尺 繪 圖 員

Job Ref.CT3110789-01#0016

职责: 负责石材安裝工程的度尺、绘图等
资历:中五及以上學歷; 良好粤语; 一般普通话; 一般英语; 懂读写中文; 懂读写英文; 懂MS Excel; 懂AutoCAD; 有繪圖经验优先
待遇: 每月$14,000-16000, 星期一至六: 上午9时至下午6时, 每周工作5天至6天,有交通津貼。

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