comScoreTag Part time Job - 醫 療 中 心 助 理 ( 兼 職 ) Medical Centre Assistant (Part Time) - 需 外 勤 工 作, Hong Kong SAR Oncology Centre Limited
Hong Kong SAR Oncology Centre Limited

Positioning Hong Kong as the hinge pivot, Hong Kong Academy of Medical Sciences aims at strengthening the research, communication and cooperation of medicine, medical services and pharmaceuticals between Mainland China, Hong Kong and the international community, improving the professional standard of medical services in Greater China, and making positive contributions to enhancing other medical fields to reach international leading level in the region. 

Hong Kong SAR Oncology Centre is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Academy of Medical Sciences. The Centre takes a multidisciplinary approach so that patients can be benefited from both east and west medicine. To cope with fast-growing needs for professional healthcare service from China and our network expansion, we would like to invite qualified individuals to join us. 

醫 療 中 心 助 理 ( 兼 職 ) Medical Centre Assistant (Part Time) - 需 外 勤 工 作

Job Ref.CT3108966-01#0009

  • 協助醫療中心日常基本文書、電腦輸入等等
  • 熟悉中英文電腦操作及輸入法,操流利粵語,懂普通話及英語
  • 刻苦耐勞、細心、主動及有責任感
  • 需外勤,可接受体力工作
  • 即時上班者可獲優先考慮

工作時間: 逢星期一、三、五上午9:00至下午12:30 或下午2:00至下午5:30

兼職時薪 $45-$55 

有意者請將個人履歷電郵至 或致電28612987約見   

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