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Primetech Technology Limited

Primetech Technology Limited (“Primetech") is the leading specialist of provider of IT experts in Hong Kong. For more than 15 years, we have been successfully placing our employees in different IT position through secondment. Our mission is to link our skilled employees with our business clients so that the right personnel is placed in the perfect position. It is because we dedicate the recognition of your professional knowledge and career prospects.

We hire a tremendous number of employees to work in the technology territory of private, public sectors and multinational corporations in Hong Kong through secondment. These corporations include listed enterprises in Telecom, Finance & Banking, FMCG, Fashion & Design, Retails & Marketing and Government Department.

If you are an Information Technology professional, a fresh graduate and possess the enthusiasm to involve in the IT field, do not hesitate to contact us now for your career development. We are pleased to share the opportunities with you.

IT 工 程 師

Job Ref.CT3107314-01#0035


• 負責電腦硬件、軟件安裝
• 維修電腦硬件及軟件維護
• 網絡工程及維護
• 解答顧客問題
• 上門替客戶硬件及軟件維修
• 及上司指派的其他工作


• 大專程度及1年或以上相關經驗 (經驗較少者\可考慮初級電腦支援一職)
• 具備英語、廣東話書面及口語表達能力。
• 熟悉Microsoft Windows、Server、Workstation OS、Microsoft Office、Windows等常用軟體
• 具備良好的TCP/IP、資訊安全、電子郵件、網絡架構以及網際網路的技術基本知識
• 有責任心, 勤力, 良好溝通, 有安裝電腦及相關經驗優先
• 具有優異的問題解決能力和分析能力,並勤奮向上可獨立工作
• 具有一定的抗壓能力,以及優秀的團隊合作能力
• 可立即上班者優先考量

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