Part time Job - Marketing & Sales Associate (Travelling required), Appco HK Limited
Appco HK Limited

We are a global outsource sales and marketing company , working for different campaigns ranging from banking , Restaurants and lifestyles in various  channel . We know that responsible face-to-face sales and marketing is the most cost-effective channel in the marketing mix.


Our goal is not just growth for our clients to increase their market shares and profitability but also providing excellent customer service.

Besides representing our clients, our on-going success also depends in developing our people by providing on-going effective training to develop the skills to achieve their own success


Marketing & Sales Associate (Travelling required)



Provide professional customer service
Deliver confident face-to-face presentations to potential donors
Direct brand building activities & customer acquisition programmes



Great communication skills and love to interact with people
Hardworking and willing to learn
Immediate starters will be an advantage


We Provide:

Exposure to overseas marketing offices (locally and internationally)
Fun environment to work in
Massive recognition and attractive rewards for top performers

**Candidates who can speak Cantonese fluently is prefered

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