Job - Senior Manager, Post-Sales Service, Cigna

Senior Manager, Post-Sales Service

Job Ref.36320434-16009255

Job Purpose:

The Senior Manager of Post-Sales Service will be responsible for formulating service value propositions and internal policies that align with the business strategy of Customer Engagement.This includes defining the future post-sales operating model for Customer Engagement and formulating plan to deliver this via a simple, easy and customer centric Digital Operation Platform.This individual will lead a team of service professionals who are responsible for driving customer service focused problem resolution and operation initiatives that enhance customer experience at various customer touch points.

Critical Tasks and Expected Contributions/Results:

  • Act as a change agent to lead the business transformation to ensure operational improvement and efficiency
  • Support and accelerate a new post-sales quality initiative that measures performance from an external customer / broker perspective, including all upstream elements that contribute to claims, policy administration and customer service quality.
  • Drive improvement through all areas of the organization to demonstrate improved performance, reduced rework and increased customer/broker satisfaction.
  • Identify and establish metrics, benchmarks and key performance indicators (KPIs) in collaboration with the business leaders and other key stakeholders
  • Execute on key operational outcomes to ensure customer, broker and regulatory expectations met/exceeded in an innovation and effective fashion.
  • Collaborate with other business operation to develop Digital Operating Platform and assist with the design and rollout of products and relevant functions.
  • Build robust processes and deploy technology to enable a scalable and efficient operational model.Automate processes thereby minimizing dependency on manual tasks.
  • Conduct periodic review and audits of the outsourced vendors.

Experience/Knowledge, Education and Other Requirements:

  • Bachelorˇ¦s degree not required but would b an advantage
  • Seasoned, respected leader with a minimum of 5 years of experience in Operation
  • Solid organizational, management, administrative and human relations skills in a style which exhibits maturity, leadership and sensitivity and teamwork
  • Demonstrated strong planning, organization, leadership and change management capabilities
  • Ability to interpret data and translate findings into business opportunities
  • Ability to develop relationships across all levels of the Company, as well as externally
Job Ref No.
36320434-16009255 (CT3103710-01#0044)
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