Job -  璪 睲 间  ( 瓾 ), Baguio Green Group Limited
Baguio Green Group Limited

Baguio Green Group (stock code: 1397.HK) is originated in 1980 and has been listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 2014. Baguio is a leading integrated environmental service provider in H.K. to create and maintain a “Clean & Green" environment for the society. Under the monitoring of ISO qualified Integrated Management System, Baguio provides professional environmental services, ranging from waste collection, sorting & recycling, cleansing & hygiene, horticulture & landscaping to integrated pest management, to our clients including HKSAR Government, public utilities and corporations.

We invite high caliber candidate to fill the following position:

 璪 睲 间  ( 瓾 )

Job Ref.CT3106605-01#0263


  • 璽砫璪绑睲间︰В加糷睲间单ㄆ叭


  • 厩菌ぃ╇礚惠竒喷

笿 $7,000 (–ぱ6.5) 

翴 瓾


  • 16:00 - 22:30–ぱ 6.5 

Τ砍届舧璓筿 6507 3166 纯﹋琩高


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