22nd Annual Survey of Reader's Digest Reveals the Brands & Personalities Consumers Most Trust


HONG KONG, June 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Trust has never been more important in our community due to the unprecedented difficult times since the beginning of 2020. The COVID-19 crisis has affected both businesses and individuals across the world and organisations are reshaping the way they operate in order to continue relationships and reputations that have taken years to build. The 22nd annual list of Hong Kong's Most Trusted Brands offers invaluable insight into those brands that have withstood the challenges of today's climate to instil even more consumer faith.

Reader's Digest commissioned leading research agency Catalyst Research to survey a representative sample across Asia to find out consumer views on brands in over 50 categories. More than 8000 individuals were selected across five of the region's key markets: Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. As well as brands, Hong Kong's most trusted personalities were also identified and these results are exclusively revealed in the June issue of Reader's Digest Hong Kong.

According to Reader's Digest Editor-in-Chief, APAC, Louise Waterson,

"While COVID-19 has certainly changed the marketplace, and the way we go about being consumers, other things remain the same when it comes to our relationships with brands.

For the brands themselves, trust matters when it comes to weathering a crisis, and ultimately, trust is built on the traditional foundations of quality, consistency, honesty and delivering on your promises.

In terms of this current situation, with this pandemic, that also means getting proactive and reaching out to your customers like never before. It's very much about maintaining a relationship with that particular individual."


In these unprecedented difficult times, brands are expected more than ever to support customers with their concerns and provide reassurance that expectations will be upheld and that their value as a customer is recognised.

Trusted Brands understand that the key to easing consumer anxieties is to open a gate of communication through mutual respect and empathy. The Trusted Brands outlined in our survey are here to listen to customer concerns, sympathise with their situations and provide the necessary support and assistance to their customers because they appreciate these valued relationships.

This is the kind of service and quality that helps a consumer understand that the brand they know and trust is still on their side, and working hard to continue the relationship they worked hard to build.


  • AIA, an Asia Award winner, also won in Insurance Company and Provident fund categories in Hong Kong;
  • Manulife won Gold award in Insurance Company and Provident fund categories
  • Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited has won in Property developer category for 15 years
  • Hong Yip Service Co., Ltd. and Kai Shing Management Services Company Limited have won Property management company category
  • Caltex has been the Gold winner in petrol station category for 20 years.
  • Meiriki and Doctor Choice were the Gold winners in Vitamins / health supplements category.
  • Anthony Fong Tung Shing yet again won Most Trusted Television Host for News/Current Affairs and, similarly, Do Do Cheng claimed the Most Trusted Entertainment/Variety Presenter again.


This is not a survey of the readers of Reader's Digest magazine. It is an independently commissioned poll, with the results appearing exclusively in Reader's Digest Hong Kong. Leading market research agency Catalyst Research surveyed a representative sample of 8000 individuals from Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan to determine which brands consumers trust most.

The survey reveals the brands, products and services that consumers believe in over more than 50 categories.

These are the brands that consumers in Hong Kong turn to and recognise in their daily lives; whether that be the rice they serve to their family, the shopping mall they shop at, or the insurance company they turn to.

These are the brands we lean towards every time we have to make a purchasing decision, the brands that have demonstrated through consistency and longevity that they are trusted in the minds of ordinary Hong Kong consumers.

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