AirCUVE Releases Powerful Two-factor Authentication Solution for Strengthening Authentication in Business Environments

SEOUL, South Korea, Oct. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- AirCUVE, a company specializing in authentication software development, released a powerful Two-factor Authentication Solution that can strengthen the authentication process when accessing the system, and disable access by illegitimate users. Moreover, the solution provides a wide variety of additional authentication token such as SMS, e-mail, mobile OTP, HW token (card type), QR code, App push, YubiKey, and fingerprint. Also, AirCUVE is currently serving as a board member of the FIDO Alliance.

AirCUVE Philippine Solution Day

AirCUVE Philippine Solution Day

"AirCUVE is widening the scope of various authentication tokens to offer an authentication reinforcement solution that can be used anytime in a variety of business environments and infrastructures such as wired/wireless network, smart mobile office, financial transaction, VPN, VDI, and web portal. We're also striving to grow into a global company specializing in 2FA authentication by providing an authentication environment that offers convenience and safety for administrators and users," said Executive Vice President GS AHN of AirCUVE. He also added, "AirCUVE is working on expanding business in the Southeast Asian and Japanese markets while strengthening PR activities in the Middle East and African markets together with our local partners to grow our partner base in each country and widen business horizon in the global market.

Worldwide Companies are increasing their spending each year to prepare against security-related accidents, and there is a need for establishing a robust security system in preparation for the continuously evolving security accidents. Nowadays, it is no longer secure to conduct identity authentication only with the information that one is aware of (ID/Password).

Furthermore, companies are shifting toward a cloud-based working environment, while existing devices, including laptop, desktop, and printer, as well as various forms of smart devices and IoT devices are being adopted and used within the companies' IT infrastructures. So, AirCUVE is developing a SaaS product that is equipped with wired/wireless security authentication solution and IoT security function. AirCUVE's wired/wireless security authentication solution is a "BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)" product that enables users themselves to authenticate access to their individual terminals within the company and manage control tasks. It is highly effective security management/authentication solution.

AirCUVE is a company specializing in authentication software development and has obtained various references of more than 900 across the world over the past 17 years. Its clients include businesses in Southeast Asia including a bank in the Philippines (Development Bank of the Philippines, DBP), telecommunication company (Eastern Telecom), and airline (Philippine Airlines), as well as in the Japanese market as demand for Two-factor Authentication is going up each year.

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