Arvato Supply Chain Solutions Wins "Best Logistics Partner Award" in China

Building a deeper and closer cooperative relationship with Aisin based on comprehensive solutions

GUETERSLOH, Germany and SHANGHAI, May 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Aisin Seiki (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. has granted this year's "Best Logistics Partner Award" to Arvato Supply Chain Solutions. Arvato leverages its deep expertise as supply chain and e-commerce service provider to empower Aisin in all logistics and warehousing services with high efficiency, customer service orientation and transparency as well as the latest technological applications.

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"Arvato provides tailor-made solutions based on the characteristics of our business. Through a high degree of digitalization, we have become more intelligent from traditional logistics operations. This is also in line with the trend of the existing logistics environment in China. This gives us a good starting position for further growth in China," says Xu Yi, Manager of logistics department at Aisin. Aisin Seiki (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in the B2B logistics warehousing and distribution service since 2019. After starting the cooperation in November 2019 with a single warehouse in Beijing the partnership quickly expanded. Currently Arvato runs several distribution centers for Aisin in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin to better serve the domestic market in China.

In the beginning of 2020 Arvato opened a new distribution center in Guangzhou for Aisin which is their first outsourced warehouse in the Pearl River Delta. The site serves as Aisin's main B2B logistics warehousing and distribution center for South China. After initial discussions to setup a new warehouse in South China the Arvato team analyzed the available data and worked jointly with Aisin on the site selection. Once Guangzhou and the distribution center itself were confirmed, the team began implementing the business and finally completed the setup in May of 2020. The 2,000-square-meter warehouse relocation from the factory was managed within two days. The Guangzhou warehouse officially started to process outbound orders for all oil products, accessories and spareparts such as brake discs, strainer, clutch discs or water pumps, handling inbound and outbound quantities of more than 100 pallets daily within the first days of operations already. "The detailed planning to ensure high service efficiency and adequate workload planning have proven critical and vital support to Aisin," highlights Raoul Kuetemeier, Head of Asia at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions.

In 2020 Aisin also established another warehousing and distribution center in China. Arvato Supply Chain Solutions was selected after a tender process and due to the strong performance at the existing sites. Arvato implemented the distribution center for marketing materials and accessories in Arvato's existing multi-client Shanghai warehouse. The new distribution center officially launches a special supply link for Aisin dealers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai. Following this, the teams are planning to setup another warehouse for automotive oil products and accessories in Shanghai in 2021. The establishment of two extra warehouses helps Aisin build a full supply chain model, consolidate various resources in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai, and thoroughly explore regional channels to achieve a win-win situation for all parties and increase its market share and service levels. Vicky Zhou, Key Account Manager at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions, says: "Both partners are ready for a long-term cooperation and together we will work on achieving further sales growth in the future."

The project has demonstrated the operational capabilities and service attitude of Arvato. "We focus on high quality service and efficient operations as well as ongoing continuous improvement projects to strengthen the cooperative relationship with our customers," says Zhang Li, Head of China at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions. "In addition we continuously invest in innovation, new technologies and digital transformation in order to provide cutting-edge supply chain solutions. This further improves our services and leads to higher customer satisfaction and closer customer loyalty."

About Arvato Supply Chain Solutions:

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is an innovative and international leading service provider in the field of supply chain management and e-commerce. Partners come together with industry specialists in the fields of Telecommunication, Tech, Corporate Information Management, Healthcare, Consumer Products and Publisher. About 15,000 employees work together to provide practical and relevant solutions and services worldwide. Using the latest digital technology, Arvato develops, operates and optimizes complex global supply chains and e-commerce platforms, as the strategic growth partner for its customers. Arvato combines the know-how of its employees with the right technology and appropriate business processes to measurably increase the productivity and performance of its partners.

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