BookDoc Made it to the CNBC Top 100 World's Most Promising Start-ups

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Every year, CNBC scans the globe looking for the 100 venture-backed start-ups that have the potential to transform industries and become tomorrow's household names. "We are honoured that BookDoc has made it as the only company in Malaysia and health tech company in Asia listed in the CNBC Upstart 100 List, the top 100 world's most promising start-ups in 2019," says Dato' Chevy Beh, founder and CEO of BookDoc.

BookDoc Made it to the CNBC Top 100 World's Most Promising Start-ups

BookDoc Made it to the CNBC Top 100 World's Most Promising Start-ups

BookDoc, with presence in 5 countries and regions (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Thailand) and 20 cities, has established a collaborative digital health ecosystem with comprehensive healthcare solutions aims to revolutionize healthcare delivery, digitize health promotion and improve patient care. The integrated digital ecosystem comprises five (5) comprehensive platforms, (1) Search & Book (allows users to search and book healthcare professionals anytime and anywhere, and integrates seamlessly with navigation (Google Map, Waze), transport (Grab, Uber, Malindo Air), accommodation (Agoda, Airbnb) and recommended restaurants & attractions (TripAdvisor) for a hassle-free and enjoyable experience to healthcare appointments); (2) Activ (users can earn rewards and discounts from major retail partners for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle); (3) Marketplace (e-Commerce platform with over 3,000 health products/services); (4) Tele-Consult (brings healthcare to users fingertips with specialists covering child, skin, mental, women and sexual health); (5) Events & News (users accessible to the latest medical & health information made available by Monthly Index of Medical Specialties (MIMS) and healthcare experts, also events (health conferences, marathons, blood donation drive etc.) with auto-reminder and other features).

"It's amazing to see how the company has grownand developed from when it started back in 2015," says Beh. BookDoc has expanded rapidly with over 40,000 healthcare professionals on its platforms. It has partnered with some prominent regional healthcare providers such as Bumrungrad Hospital, Thailand (the largest standalone private hospital in Southeast Asia by market capitalization), Siloam Hospital Groups (the largest hospital chain in Indonesia), Unity Denticare (part of the social enterprise NTUC Health, Singapore) and is the first and only official healthcare platform endorsed by the Ministry of Health, and an official healthcare platform for Ministry of Education in Malaysia.

"To encourage people from all walks of life to stay fit and healthy, BookDoc incentivizes healthy lifestyle by rewarding our users for being active. We collaborate with more than 100 reward partners in 12 countries and have since expanded our reward redemption across 3,500 offline and online locations," says Beh.

To keep ahead of competition, BookDoc develops a competitive edge that allows the company to outperform its competitors. It possesses a dynamic product line and is on target to commercialize few more innovative health solutions before end of the year to widen its market and to accelerate business growth.

Awards and accolades confirm the value and hard work of the entire BookDoc team and demonstrate its success as inspiring market leader. It is the winner of ASEAN Business Award 2019, Startup and IDE, Frost and Sullivan awards for 4 consecutive years (2016 Innovation Excellence Award, 2017 Best Practices Award, 2018 and 2019, China Economy Award), just to name a few. The company was also featured on Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg, Bain Research Report and Newsweek.

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