CaterSpot reimagines corporate lunches in the Workplace New Normal

CaterSpot helps companies with their safe return to office with Virtual Food Court solution

SINGAPORE, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CaterSpot, Singapore's largest corporate catering platform, announced the launch of a Virtual Food Court service, a new way to feed offices of any size as they start to reopen today after new easing of office workforce limits.

Pre-COVID, companies provided food to employees and guests for meetings, events, or as a work perk. Now, as workplaces reopen, companies need new ways to keep their employees safe and make the transition back to the office as easy and safe as possible. Rather than have employees come back to the office only to have to choose between heading out for lunch in crowded elevators and long restaurant queues or paying high food delivery fees to order in, companies can provide a new lunch solution that's more socially distanced, reduces exposure and is still quick and convenient for workers.

In describing the new offering, CaterSpot says: "the Virtual Food Court gives employees safe, convenient access to their choice of meals from a rotating list of local restaurants and hawkers. Individually packaged meals arrive in a single bulk delivery at a designated place and time, so there is less traffic in and out of the office. The company pays for the daily delivery fee and can also choose to subsidize a portion of the meal - or none at all."

"Workplace priorities have shifted," said Amanda Ernst, co-founder and COO. "Providing food for work is now much more than a perk, it's a responsible safety measure that employers can implement to keep their teams safe. We designed the Virtual Food Court because it's COVID-smart, it gives employees safe access to great food without leaving work to get it. Plus, it supports many local F&B partners with more of the high-value orders they love from CaterSpot."

"Keeping our employees safe is the biggest priority as we reopen our office," says Siti Saad, Workspace Manager at Flow Traders, a CaterSpot customer. "Through the CaterSpot Virtual Food Court app, our employees can order and enjoy food from restaurants they love without leaving the building. It's a very convenient service that helps us provide both a safe and rewarding workplace experience for our employees."

The Virtual Food Court service is centered on 4 key elements: individually packaged meals, contactless bulk food delivery, affordable meals for employees and affordable workplace perk for employers, and a convenient app that makes it easy to manage rotating teams by letting in-office employees order their own meals.

"Getting large numbers of people back to the office before there is a COVID-19vaccine could prove challenging. The ability to provide smart solutions for companies in this pandemic world is especially important for CaterSpot. It's difficult to anticipate what office food solutions will prove effective in the coming months," says Camilo Paredes, Co-founder and CEO, "but on the flip side, once a vaccine is found and more people physically head back to work, will make our company emerge as a leader thanks to our early start in redefining the concept of office lunches"

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About CaterSpot

CaterSpot is the leading b2b food delivery service in Asia that lets companies order food for all workplace needs -- from daily lunches to meetings to corporate events. CaterSpot connects companies with 600+ catering partners in Asia with its easy online platform. Companies can order themselves online, get help from a CaterSpot Concierge for corporate events, or subscribe to a full-service Meal Plan for their recurring orders. Beyond ordering, CaterSpot provides a corporate management tool that lets companies manage employee user accounts, track spending, and centralise invoicing.

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