Daily Associated News nominates Richard Jones Lee as the 2019 Global Business Leader

Daily Associated News nominates Richard Jones Lee as the 2019 Global Business Leader

SEOUL, South Korea, May 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- At the Jamsil Art & Communications Gallery on April 1, 2019, the Daily Associated News selected Richard Jones Lee (Korean name Lee Han-su) as the 2019 Global Leader who was recognized for his contributions to the foreign business, social contribution, culture, education and beauty academy. At the same time, he was appointed Secretary-General of the National Society for Social Welfare Foundation (NFSWA Foundation), which is based in New York City, USA.

Korea is rapidly growing with various changes in arts, culture, fashion and education following the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In this atmosphere, the need for a global leader with an international sense is continuously being demanded by the expert group.

Daily Associated News is an international media association engaged in various activities like seminars, forum, awards ceremony, talent developmentcultural exchanges and information communication through overseas network. In keeping with this, Daily Associated News is selecting a 2019 global leader with international capabilities.

The motivation for appointing Secretary General Lee Han-su as the 2019 Global Business Leader is that he is fluent in various foreign languages such as English, Thai, Japanese, and Korean, and his contribution to cultural exchange and economic growth has been acknowledged through various contacts in each country.

Here is the interview with Richard Jones Lee:

Q: Congratulations on your appointment as Global Leader and Secretary General of the National Social Welfare Association. How do you feel about this and please briefly explain to us what NFSWA is.

A: Thank you for giving me the grand prize '2019 Global Leader'. The NFSWA Foundation is a non-profit organization established in New York, USA in 2015, and aims to contribute to social welfare through international cultural and social exchanges.

Q: Please introduce yourself a little bit more?

A: Yes, I am the Vice president of the SNS Press Association of the Society, which is a member of the Global Social Network: a media, broadcasting and media creator association. I'm also the chairman of KCBA Korean Culture and Beauty Association, Vice Chairman of the Korea Free Trade FTA Private Sector Committee.

Besides, Ihave many activities in various fields like as culture, arts, education, and international exchanges and I have been in charge of permanent advisor to the Korean Federation of Civilizations, a vice chairman of the Association of Fashion Enterprise Export Support, a professor emeritus at Hebei Art University and a vice president of IMM International Model Association.

Q: If you have thought about the future activities of the NFSWA Foundation as Secretary General, please share with us.

A: As you know, the NFSWA Foundation is a non-profit organization that carries out social welfare projects through international cultural exchanges. As part of that, we have organized community gatherings of business people and scholars from the United States, Korea, Mainland China, Taiwan, and Japan.

Our business areas are focused on four areas: welfare, education, certification business, and volunteerism. NFSWA's distinctive education system consists of three PBS (branding), CSS (dialogue skills), and CPS (Creative Approach), and so on.

In addition to that, we plan to nurture the next generation of experts in the field of welfare and cultural exchanges by establishing the Study of International Society Welfare and Culture Exchange and the Institute of Professional Education under the NFSWA Foundation.

Currently, we are jointly conducting the private tutoring service for elderly welfare centers located in Weihai, Shandong province, China. Also, we are the Korean agent of the 12th Shandong Province Biomedical Engineering Science Conference (11th-13th, July) held by Shandong Province Medical Science Society in China.

Q: You are planning a variety of activities. Finally, do you have additional messages you want to give?

A: Yes, I really want to give thank again for choosing me as a 2019 global leader. I will always try to live a passionate life with my motto "Prove myself" and faithfully fulfill the role of the Secretary-General and my duties for the national development and international economic growth by cultivating new talents in art, education, cultural exchanges and international exchanges in Asia.

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