De Tomaso Welcomes Carmen Jorda

MODENA, Italy and NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ --

  • De Tomaso officially announces that Carmen Jorda has joined the De Tomaso family as a factory Development and Scuderia De Tomaso Racing Driver 
  • Carmen Jorda, racer and fashion icon, along with her De Tomaso team will bring back the romance to automotive 
  • A lifelong automotive enthusiast, Carmen has raced in Formula 3, the American Indy Lights Championship, GP3 Series and is also one of a select few women to have held an official driver role with a Formula 1 team 
  • De Tomaso story is a love story. It's the story of a great romance between Alejandro and his soulmate and business partner, Isabelle 
  • The P72 not only takes the spirit of Italy, Argentina, and America, but honours Isabelle's spirit as well and recognizes her role in our history. That's why we named this homologation prototipo after her - 'Isabelle' 
  • The spirit of Isabelle now lives on through Carmen Jorda, as both share a similar spirit and story 

Our dear friends, 

When we began our revival, we promised to tell the untold story of De Tomaso. Today, we are honoured to share the story of where our legacy began. Our story is a love story. It's the story of a great romance between Alejandro de Tomaso and his soulmate and business partner, Isabelle. 

Carmen Jorda, De Tomaso factory Development and Scuderia De Tomaso Racing Driver.
Carmen Jorda, De Tomaso factory Development and Scuderia De Tomaso Racing Driver.

In order to pay proper homage, we have not only named our new P72 homologation prototipo after her, but have also created a short film titled, Meet 'Isabelle'.  

Throughout her life, Isabelle defied expectations from friends, family and foes; forging her own path and pursuing her passion of racing.  She raced with the men, both in America and ultimately in Europe, where she met,married and raced with Alejandro. 

Our P72 not only takes the spirit of Italy, Argentina, and America, but honours her spirit as well and recognizes her role in our history.  

Meet 'Isabelle' 

Carmen Jorda Officially Joins De Tomaso  

We are pleased to announce that Carmen Jorda has officially joined the De Tomaso family as a factory Development and Scuderia De Tomaso Racing Driver. 

Being both a female racing driver and powerful business woman, Isabelle was a pioneer for her era — and her spirit now lives on through Carmen, as both share a similar, unique spirit and story. A story about defying expectations, defying critics and forging one's own path to break the status quo. To become part of something bigger than just oneself. A movement, a journey, a revival of a historic brand and an opportunity to make true automotive history. 

Carmen, the daughter of former racer José Miguel Jorda, has already begun testing on our P72 development vehicles on both road and track. A lifelong automotive enthusiast, Carmen has raced in the European Open Formula 3 Championship (achieving three podiums), the American Indy Lights Championship and GP3 Series. She is one of a select few women to have held an official driver role with a Formula 1 team. 

"From the outset, Carmen's energy fully aligned with that of our team and her unique skillset has proven complementary to our development programmes. When deciding to pay homage to Isabelle and communicate her untold story, there was unquestionably no other person who embodied the core traits, spirit and talents of Isabelle than Carmen.  We are proud to welcome her as part of our growing family and her role will continue to expand over the coming years." - Ryan Berris, CEO/CMO - De Tomaso Automobili 

"I am incredibly grateful to join the De Tomaso family; it feels like a dream.  The De Tomaso brand has such a storied history and I am truly honoured to carry on the inspiring spirit of Isabelle.  Our shared passion and genuine vision has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring the romance back to automotive, both on the road and track.  We have a momentous journey ahead as we continue to write the next chapters of De Tomaso and automotive history." - Carmen Jorda, Factory Development & Racing Driver - De Tomaso Automobili 

Notes to Editors: 

A series of creative assets accompanying this release are available to download from the De Tomaso Automobili press site:  


Press site: 


Carmen Jorda, racer and fashion icon
Carmen Jorda, racer and fashion icon


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