Domohorn Wrinkle held the 1st Anniversary Event in Thailand and announced "Jah-Yossinee" as the First Thai Brand Endorser

BANGKOK, July 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Domohorn Wrinkle is a basic skin care product certified by dark spot and wrinkle specialists and has the highest number of sales in the anti-aging skin care product line in Japan. It is originated from the Kampo idea (Eastern medicine idea) that "humans are part of the nature" and "have the power to restore oneself inside the body naturally", with selecting the nourishing values from over 170 natural extracts and focusing on solving skin problems caused by deterioration at higher ages in order to enhance power inside the body, making all women confident and happy in their healthy skins and shine skins even their ages change.

Domohorn Wrinkle

Domohorn Wrinkle

Saishunkan Pharmaceutical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. held the first anniversary event of Domohorn Wrinkle in Thailand. Mr. Nobufumi Yamada, Head Executive Officer Oversea Division, Saishunkan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. revealed that "Domohorn Wrinkle is the only one skin care product with 8 items in 45 years since 1974. However, we continuously strive to develop every product and have a unique marketing approach that is the only two ways customers can contact and order our product are through our website and telephone. We welcome to send trial set to customers all over the country. Over the past one year after this brand was introduced into Thailand, there are more than 100,000 customers interested in free trial set and it gains over 2,000 members. We would like to thank you to Thai customers for their trust in 'Domohorn Wrinkle' as a personal helper for every woman's skin care to have beautiful, healthy skin from inside out. And in the meantime, we have launched the latest advertising movie titled 'Power' to introduce the first Thai Brand Endorser 'Jah-Yossinee Na Nakhon', a famous Thai television drama producer, who has a happy lifestyle on a simple basis. This emphasizes our intention that Domohorn Wrinkle focuses on building maximum customer satisfaction by introducing a basic skincare product passed the standard manufacturing process and meticulously combining ingredients obtained from sources around the world to solve wrinkle and age spot problems exactly in order to bring healthy skin to Thai women even with increasing age"

Jah-Yossinee Na Nakhon has chosen "Domohorn Wrinkle" as her skincare product and revealed that "I'm proud that Domohorn Wrinkle has trusted and chosen me to be the first Thai Brand Endorser. Domohorn Wrinkle is the happiness of skin I choose, with impressive quality and effectiveness after using the product it helps my skin become stronger distinctly and is ready to face pollution every season. Moreover, I have an honor to visit the Domohorn Wrinkle's manufacturing process on the Aso Mountain, Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan, as well as seeing the performance of Customer Pleasers they are ready to give advice on skin problems friendly. This makes me more confident in Domohorn Wrinkle."

As its unique distinction and it is the first product in Japan that brings collagen as an ingredient in Cream 20, the #1 most popular product, and Domohorn Wrinkle has been developed into "8 Domohorn Wrinkle products" or "One Line" aiming at solving wrinkles and age spots and uneven skin tone as well as other skin problems due to aging. Domohorn Wrinkle products are divided into 3 major groups: Refining 3, Essential 4, and Day Time Solution

All 8 products of Domohorn Wrinkle provide different functions but they promote each other perfectly which replenishes vital energy for self-recovery of skin naturally. To obtain maximum effectiveness, we suggest using the products by doing "Oteate" according to Domohorn Wrinkle's skin care method which uses hands to pass on nutrients including your feeling into the skin even with increasing age.

Moreover, Domohorn Wrinkle had a special zone which is touch and try. It was a good opportunity to open a new experience and try all the products in the event area. Many Thai people joined and interested in touch and try activity. Domohorn Wrinkle received good feedback from Thai women who attend the event. Also, people well know more that Domohorn Wrinkle was a wrinkle and dark spot expertise from Japan. For the person who misses an opportunity in this event, you can join "Domohorn Wrinkle Experience Space" for touch and try products and consult skin problem closely with our pleaser. We welcome to give you advice on skin problems and skin care tips, as well as recommending the use of the products and how to do the Oteate.

If you are interested in Domohorn Wrinkle products, please feel free to contact our "Customer Pleaser" at 02-260-2222. For more information about products and campaign at

Domohorn Wrinkle Experience Space:

The Emporio Place, 2nd floor, C Building
93/333 Sukhumvit 24 Alley, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110
For appointment: 02-258-5306
Tuesday - Sunday at 11.00 am - 7.00 pm except any official holidays

Domohorn Wrinkle store exterior

Domohorn Wrinkle store exterior


Domohorn Wrinkle store interior

Domohorn Wrinkle store interior

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