Incubaker & Enterprise Singapore Hold Snack Genius Finals to Discover the Next Big Snack

Snack Genius, a contest to find Singapore's next generation of innovators and snack-preneurs, aims to find out this Saturday, 5 October - with help from celebrity judge and MasterChef Australia 2 winner, Adam Liaw

SINGAPORE, Oct. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ten aspiring snack-preneurs from all walks of life will compete this weekend for the chance to turn their ideas into a commercial success at the finals of Snack Genius, an initiative of Incubaker & Enterprise Singapore as the country's first contest to find the next big hit snack.


Be inspired as the compelling stories and inspirations behind creating each of the competing snacks are revealed. In the Savoury category, Sweet & Spicy You Tiao Chips is a modern take on the classic fried dough fritter, created by two young partners, one of them a fourth-generation hawker who used her grandfather's 70-year-old you tiao recipe. Another hawker favourite is a QA executive's inspiration for the Nasi Lemak Popcorn, in which the flavours of rich coconut rice, spicy sambal and savoury ikan bilis are brought together into a caramel popcorn snack. Or tickle the tastebuds with the Cereal Prawn Kale Chips, a student's answer to a healthier snack alternative, redolent with flavours of a local zichar dish.

Aimed at the keto crowd are Collagen Puffs, made with a single key ingredient - grass-fed beef tendons that are popped in nutrient rich ghee, like popcorn, and dusted in mineral rich pink salt. Vegans are not left out either, with the Vegan Cheese-Flavoured Tempeh Chips, created by an organic tempeh producer.

In the Sweet category, snacks that can be good for consumers include the Hogula - Artisanal Asian Inspired Brittle created by an entrepreneur who wanted a healthier alternative to the traditional nut brittle. Similarly, Sea Salt Pistachio Popcorn & Maca Granola might just be the healthy solution to those 4pm snack attack cravings. With crunchy coconut chips, roasted pistachios, toasted brown rice puffs, plus a combination of grains and seeds, this snack is elevated with maca or Peruvian ginseng, believed to boost immunity, energy levels and brain function.

Thailand was the inspiration for two Sweet category snacks: Tom Yummy Cashew Mango Trail Mix, a writer's lighter version of the country's tom yum-flavoured cashew nut snack while BRice Rice Puffs with Honey, Mango & Cashews was created by a Singaporean undergraduate, with proceeds from the sales of these rice puff treatsgoing towards supporting a children's home in Chiang Mai.

Up for an intriguing combination? Bite into the humble Chocolate Chip Cookie, boosted with ground cricket flour, a protein-rich substitute that also contains high levels of essential amino acids and minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B12. With its earthy, slighty nutty taste, ground cricket flour melds with the rich taste of chocolate for a unique snack like no other.


All finalists have had to undergo a gruelling one-on-one mentoring process with a panel of industry experts as well as a runup to the big day. From improving the taste and production methodology to ensuring consistency and shelf life; as well as considerations like packaging, and marketing and promotional plans and commercial potential - no snack was left unturned.

Finalists will present their creations to a panel of judges including experts from Enterprise Singapore, leaders and food scientists in the snack food industry, and Australian celebrity chef Adam Liaw at the upcoming thrilling finals on Saturday, 5 October 2019 from 2pm - 6pm at The Forum B1, Resorts World Sentosa.

The snacks will be ultimately be judged on four criteria - originality and creativity; taste and texture; scalability; and health and trend (whether the snack is on trend). Two winners will walk away with a grand prize of SGD10,000 each, product vouchers from Brandt, and an opportunity to fulfil their dreams of transforming their signature snack into a commercial success.

Organised by IncuBaker and Enterprise Singapore as part of FoodInnovate, Snack Genius celebrates creativity and innovation by providing a platform where snack ideas can truly come to life.

Visuals of the finalists and their snacks can be found on:


Snack Genius 2019 is Singapore's inaugural competition to discover the next big snack. Democratising the creation of snacks, SG 2019 invites anyone with a passion for the art of snacks to turn their unique ideas into reality. It celebrates a new generation of snack-preneurs, offering once- in-a-lifetime mentorship opportunities with big snack players and industry professionals. Drawing on Singapore's rich diversity and love for snacks, SG 2019 showcases our innovative snack landscape and the myriad possibilities it presents - ultimately exploring what it takes to be the next Snack Genius.


FoodInnovate is an initiative to grow Singapore's food manufacturing industry through innovation, and build a leading food and nutrition hub in Asia. More information on FoodInnovate can be found on: 

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