Lavylites among world's best cosmetics of 2020

Lavylites has won three main prizes at the world's most prestigious independent beauty industry competition, the Global Beauty & Wellness Awards

BUDAPEST and  HAMBURG, Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 300 entries were received for the world's premier independent beauty and wellness industry competition for innovative and sustainable cosmetics, personal care products and extraordinary wellness hotels. Led by Nadja Swarovsky, a prestigious professional jury reviewed 89 finalists from four continents, awarding only 39 prizes. Lavylites is not only one of the fastest growing cosmetic producers, but it now owns the world's fastest growing brand family and the most innovative anti-pandemic skincare product amidst competition with the most renowned global brands.


Lavylites among world's best cosmetics of 2020
Lavylites among world's best cosmetics of 2020


The Global Beauty & Wellness Awards have become the most prestigious competition in the world thanks to the fact that a professional jury of leading industry authorities and experts independent of all media groups, sponsors and professional organizations decides the fate of the awards under the leadership of Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Executive Board at the Swarovski Group. Lavylites achieved success in this event this year. In just a few years, this company with roots at Lake Balaton, Hungary has grown from a single-product organization in one country to an international one distributing more than 30 products across 33 countries, primarily in the demanding German, Swiss and Austrian markets and Central Europe.  It won three grand prizes and was a finalist in two categories ahead of brands such as L'Oréal, Estée Lauder and Fenty by Rihanna. In 2020, the world's fastest growing brand families was the one that included Lavyl Auricum and Auricum Sensitive, while Auricum was the most innovative anti-pandemic skin care product, too.

"We never sought the limelight, instead we worked quietly and recently became aware that the world's leading testing institutes like TÜV, Wessling or the Hamilton Institute published a series of excellent reviews of our products, and consumers have been also showing their appreciation with an outstanding repurchase rate for long. These fantastic results are a logical, albeit rather unexpected milestones in our history," says Tibor Jakabovics, chemical engineer, researcher and founder of Lavylites.

EXYOL Gemma Prevent from Lavylites won a Special Award as the most innovative anti-aging cream for sensitive, aging skin. LAVYL 32 reached the finals in the most innovative oral care product category, while LAVYL Nose received a Special Award for "Hygiene Product with the Best Ingredients".

The Lavylites brand began its journey in 2013 and started to grow very rapidly without any marketing activity. Its master blend has been a closely guarded secret ever since, and the founder still formulates every mix by himself. Lavylites puts great emphasis on ensuring that its active, natural product ingredients are of high quality and its products do not contain harmful chemicals. Lavylites products are also recommended for those who are gluten and lactose-sensitive, as well as diabetics, vegans and vegetarians and they are cruelty-free.

"I always thought that the mix of primal energies in nature, the high-tech and the extreme level of care taken in preparation would result in unique results later on. We thank those experts or individuals, who entered our products, this award has reassured us that we are on the right path," commented Tibor Jakabovics, founder of the award-winning company, which is now preparing to conquer the American market

About Lavylites

Lavylites is a Budapest-based, international cosmetics company. Its more than 30 products are sold under five brand names in 33 countries. The company operates four logistics centers on three continents and has sold nearly 5 million products to date. For information in several languages:

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