McCoy Holdings has delved into a new business of On-Demand Enterprise Solution (ODES)

SINGAPORE, Nov. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Founded in 2004, the 16-year-old McCoy Holdings has an unprecedented track record of aiding their customers with their valuable assistance in supply chain management and IoT apps solutions. They help businesses in component manufacturing and distribution, along with business consultancy and advisory services. McCoy has made some major waves in R&D and business transformation through Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy and branding. They have a mission to help their customers maximize their business value with new technology, and digital media.

With their new services launching in On-Demand Enterprise Solution (ODES), McCoy Holdings aim to provide the customers with the highest form of virtual aid in managing their business models. ODES helps businesses to have an easier time managing essentially all of their departments. Its solution is built to keep logs and provide the right statistics at the right time when needed, with the help of a few clicks.

The information can be instilled into the mainframe for a business, and it will be assessed with efficiency and accuracy. ODES will help the companies take necessary actions when need be with little to no human assistance. The system will equip the employees to take steps on the information put in with a few simple management tools, making their jobs much less taxing and more effortless.

With ODES, All-In-One Solution, having various systems for different jobs would not be necessary, as it is all doable with a single all-inclusive solution. ODES has extensively flexible parameters and can be easily customized. It is a highly scalable software that aids businesses of all sizes and forms to incorporate and make perfect use of it easily.

The ODES solution is there to virtually solve the workload issues in every department of a company, making it easier to manage the business without having a bigger manual workforce. It offers every department for a business on a single platform. This automated system can take care of the company's accounting, payroll and finances, human resources, research and development, inventory ventures, supply chain management, digital transformation, and eCommerce portal. Besides that, ODES is also offering custom industry specific solutions to automate the processes and increase productivity.

With such an elaborate digitally managed system at hand for any business, the company's management and progress virtually have no bounds. It can flourish, leaving all the worries for ODES tohandle on its own.


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