PT MOWILEX INDONESIA has won 3 Award categories at the biggest CSR awards event in Indonesia, TOP CSR Awards 2020

  • The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of PT Mowilex Indonesia have started since it was founded in 1970 and received positive responses from the community.
  • PT Mowilex Indonesia has won 3 Award categories in TOP CSR Award 2020.
  • PT Mowilex Indonesia's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program now consists of two pillars, namely "Community Development" and "Sustainability".

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As a premium brand of wall paints produced in Indonesia since 1970, Mowilex has carried out numerous Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, as the founder of PT Mowilex Indonesia had always encouraged CSR activities as the company's legacy of work ethic and culture that continues to this day. Mowilex consistently conducts social action starting with providing assistance to emergency responses victims of natural disasters, assisting the Jakarta Provincial Government in the Child-Friendly City program and Community Development program as part of the capacity building for the Public Infrastructure and Facilities Management agency in maintaining aesthetic values of the city. Mowilex also participated in campaigns to increase awareness of people with multiple disabilities by revitalizing care homes for young people and children with multiple disabilities of which there are only five in Indonesia.

PT MOWILEX INDONESIA has won 3 Award categories at the biggest CSR awards event in Indonesia, TOP CSR Awards 2020
PT MOWILEX INDONESIA has won 3 Award categories at the biggest CSR awards event in Indonesia, TOP CSR Awards 2020

Despite the impressive list of social responsibility activities, Mowilex Indonesia still continues to hold social responsibility activities. As the first manufacturing company in Indonesia that is certified CarbonNeutral, it is important for Mowilex to implement CSR programs that focus on Sustainability. The commitment to the environment program began by reducing plastic usage until 80% for the next 8 years. Through Mowilex's parent company, Asia Coatings Enterprises Pte. Ltd. the company is also participating in the conservation of the whale shark habitat in Saleh Bay, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara in coordination with Conservation International for the next 5 years. Entering the year 2020, the Mowilex sustainability program remains consistent in being concerned with environmental issues, by planting 50,000 tree seedlings throughout regions in Indonesia to celebrate Mowilex's 50th anniversary. This is in line with the three pillars of PT Mowilex Indonesia's sustainability program, namely "Kurangi" (Reduce), "Hindari" (Avoid), "Imbangi" (Offset).

In early 2020, Mowilex donated a total of 680 liters of paint to schools that were damaged and severely affected by flash floods in Jakarta. When the COVID-19 pandemic reached Indonesia in March 2020, PT Mowilex Indonesia, donated more than 26,000 masks that were distributed to all Mowilex partner stores and Mowilex branch offices, also 14,000 medical-grade Personal Protective Equipment to paramedics in need through PERSI (Indonesian Hospital Association).

These concrete examples of social action have led Mowilex to become nominated and win in three Award categories at the TOP CSR Awards 2020, the biggest CSR award event in Indonesia. PT Mowilex Indonesia was nominated and won in the following categories: Top CSR Awards 2020 #Star 4, Top Leader on CSR Commitment 2020, and TOP CSR Awards 2020 – Program Perlindungan Lingkungan (Environment Protection Program). The awards were presented by the Head of the TOP CSR Awards 2020 Committee, M. Lutfi Handayani, to Chief Marketing Officer of PT Mowilex Indonesia, Anna Yesito Wibowo, on Wednesday, July 29th , 2020, at the Sultan Hotel & Residence, Jakarta. 

"The TOP CSR Awards 2020 was attended by over 200 companies with the best CSR programs in Indonesia and of those 100 will receive awards. While other CSR awards have a narrow focus, which is the implementation of ISO 26000, especially its environmental aspect. Meanwhile, the TOP CSR Awards 2020 has a broader focus. Not only is the fulfillment of ISO 26000 and the environmental aspect, but we also look at the GCG (Good Corporate Governance) aspect, but also the harmony between the company's CSR program with the company's strategy as well as the company's business competitiveness," said M. Lutfi Handayani in his opening remarks.

"For us, CSR is an initiative of sustainability. We want to make a better world with our commitment to implement our three sustainability pillars: Kurangi (Reduce), Hindari (Avoid), Imbangi (Offset), and community development that we expect would bring added value to people," said Anna Yesito Wibowo, Chief Marketing Officer of PT Mowilex Indonesia.

"We are proud that people not only trust in our products but also support our programs with great enthusiasm, we are ready to continue with our campaigns in this 'new normal' era, which will be called "Coloring New Indonesia", she continued.

"Coloring New Indonesia" campaign was launched in response to the crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation, to move forward with the keeping in the spirit of the 'new normal' across the globe. Mowilex brought the message in "Coloring New Indonesia" as a milestone where a crisis became a condition to generate a new disciplinary and social awareness, as well as thoughts that will inspire new creations. 

About Mowilex

Mowilex is a brand of premium paint that has been produced in Indonesia since 1970. Products of PT Mowilex are used in many commercial buildings, hotels, apartments, and public housing, and also known for their high quality and easy to use.

Mowilex awarded with First Winner of the Word of Mouth Marketing Award – Decorative Paint Category 2009, 2011, and 2013, The First Champion Indonesia Original Brand 2014, The First Champion Indonesia Original Brand Category Exterior Paint 2019.

PT Mowilex Indonesia was also the first manufacturing company in Indonesia that certified with Carbon Neutral in 2019. In the same year, it received a certificate from Singapore Green Label for its 5 superior products. In early 2020, Mowilex received a certificate from Green Label Indonesia with the GOLD rating and obtained the highest rating for that category, for its 5 professional products.

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Mowilex Indonesia

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