PureSoftware appoints Wireless Industry veteran Noy Kucuk to lead its 5G & Wireless Initiatives

NEW YORK, May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- PureSoftware, a global IP-led product, and services company, today announced the appointment of Noy Kucuk as Senior Vice President, to accelerate the company's Hitech & Telecom Products and Services business. 

PureSoftware appoints Wireless Industry veteran Noy Kucuk to lead its 5G & Wireless Initiatives
PureSoftware appoints Wireless Industry veteran Noy Kucuk to lead its 5G & Wireless Initiatives

"Noy is an accomplished professional with an extensive career in wireless technology and engineering development," said Anil Baid, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, PureSoftware. "He is a leader and brings a wealth of experience to 5G and wireless markets with a diverse knowledge of software and hardware building blocks to enable the growth of PureSoftware 5G product – Arttha5G and services offerings. The depth and breadth of his skill sets and accomplishments, coupled with proven technology and engineering development background will help our clients navigate their most complex challenges."

"I am excited to join PureSoftware and leverage their wealth of domain, & technical capabilities to drive business value and ensure success on 5G strategy and engagements," said Noy Kucuk. "PureSoftware is well-positioned to contribute and accelerate the new era of wireless infrastructure deployments with development and test expertise in 5G standards, Embedded SW development, and Cloud platforms. PureSoftware's strong culture of proactive engagement, responsiveness, and ownership is exemplary, and exciting." 

Most recently, Noy served as Vice President of Product Marketing for 5G Solutions at NXP Semiconductors where he focused on developing fully programmable silicon and software solutions for the 5G infrastructure market. Prior to that Noy has held leadership and R&D roles at Avago/LSI, Ericsson, Nortel Networks in North American, Latin America, and Europe for over 20 years.

"It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming Noy as Senior Vice President, to spearhead our Hitech and telecom business," said Manish Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, PureSoftware. "Our focus has always been to bring niche product and service offerings to the doorsteps of businesses to accelerate adoption and business outcomes for our customers. Under Noy's leadership, PureSoftware will strengthen partnerships, develop strategic alliances and further expand its global footprint."

About PureSoftware:

PureSoftware is an IP-led product and services organization with a solid history of building innovative products and providing services to hi-tech, fintech, health-tech, retail, and entertainment domains. The company focuses on driving a differentiated customer experience, accelerating cycle time, and improving business outcomes through the integration of digital solutions, robotic automation, and non-linear commercial models. Its Arttha5G product is designed to ready businesses to take advantage of 5G use cases.


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