Scaled Agile Launches Core Working Group for SAFe® in India

Industry leaders organize to support the increasing adoption rates of the Scaled Agile Framework®

BOULDER, Colorado, Aug. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Scaled Agile, Inc., provider of SAFe®, the world's leading framework for enterprise agility, today announced the formation of  the Core Working Group for SAFe in India. The group represents a collaboration of Lean-Agile industry leaders whose vision is to enable organizational transformation in India to realize higher business value through agility, innovation, and continuous learning to be competitive.

Scaled Agile introduces the Core Working Group for SAFe® in India

Scaled Agile introduces the Core Working Group for SAFe® in India

Representatives in the group are members of the Scaled Agile Partner Network, which includes 250 global firms providing SAFe expertise and support to organizations across all industries. The formation of the group follows the appointment of Pranjal Swarup as Partner Development and Enablement Manager for Scaled Agile, a role designed to support partners in India with growth opportunities, regional support, and cultural context.

Agile practices in India are accelerating as digital disruption and emerging technologies force companies to innovate faster and become more responsive to changing market conditions. To compete, top Indian companies, including those working with global firms, are adopting SAFe practices as their working standard.

To support this trend, the Scaled Agile Partner Network provides organizations with advisory, transformation, and training support so that they can quickly realize the benefits of implementing the practices and principles of SAFe.

"As global demand for digital transformation drives organizations to embrace SAFe, it's critical that they have access to the training, coaching, and technical expertise they need to succeed with their transformation efforts," said Michael Stump, Vice President, Partner Development & Enablement at Scaled Agile.

The Core Working Group for SAFe in India will focus on market segmentation and prioritization, documenting strategic approaches, and promoting the practices of SAFe among business leaders. Group members include:

About Scaled Agile, Inc.:

Scaled Agile, Inc., is the provider of SAFe®, the world's leading framework for enterprise agility. Through learning and certification, a global partner network, and a growing community of over 450,000 trained professionals, Scaled Agile helps enterprises build better systems, increase employee engagement, and improve business outcomes. Learn about Scaled Agile and SAFe at

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