The preliminary of "Auto Valley Capital Island • Industry Innovation Competition" ended successfully, and the semi-finals will start on August 31

WUHAN, China, Sept. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Supported by Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone and Wuhan Local Finance Bureau, organized by Wuhan Economic Development Investment Co., Ltd, the online preliminary of "Auto Valley Capital Island • Industry Innovation Competition" ended successfully. By August 27, 80 companies from vertical "3 + N" were selected for the semi-final.

Gathering startups, attracting talents and promoting transformation

Since being launched in June, the competition has reached more than 1200 domestic and foreign startups from different fields of automobile transportation + new energy, intelligent manufacturing + new materials, smart home + modern construction industry, general aviation, life and health, modern agriculture, modern service industry, culture and entertainment and others. After two months of registration, audition and joint evaluation, 207 (190 domestic and 17 foreign) startups were finally selected and participated in the online roadshow.

During the preliminary, each startup has 6 minutes for presentation, and 2 minutes for Q&A with judges. Although the competition was held online, it still gained widespread attention, with an average of nearly 10,000 viewers per live broadcast.

To ensure the fairness and professionalism of the competition, 20 professional investors were invited,including a number of VP and investment directors from top investment institutions such as HONGTAI APLUS, Fortune Capital, QualcommVentures, PNP, Phoenix Tree Capital Partners, Plum Ventures, Glodon Group etc., to evaluate the startups from five dimensions including innovation, team background, market competitiveness, business model and operation, and online roadshow performance.

As a global innovation and entrepreneurship competition, "Auto Valley Capital Island · Industry Innovation Competition" focuses on empowering innovative enterprises and attracting premium companies and top entrepreneurial talents to start business in "Auto Valley" through multi-dimensional, multi-level and diversified services, such as financial support, policy privilege and talents subsidy. The winning startups will get up to RMB 200,000 bonus, additional RMB 3 million bonus and minimum RMB 50 million investment for company registration in Wuhan. The competition aims to build a platform for close cooperation and in-depth interaction between premium projects and investment organizations around the world and become an importantbridge between high-quality talents, high-quality enterprises and high-quality development of Wuhan.

The semi-final is coming, the future unicorn will set sail.

On August 31, the semi-final of "Auto Valley Capital Island · Industry Innovation Competition" will be officially kicked off online. Each semi-final includes three sessions: industrial park introduction, entrepreneurship mentor training and startup roadshow (including keynote speech and round table forum),and each semi-final lasts for 1.5 days twice a week.

During semi-final, each startup will have 12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for Q&A. 6 well-known investors will select the top three from each vertical, 12 startups in total, will finally stand on the stage of the final competition.

Standing on the new starting point of the second venture of Wuhan Economic Development Zone, facing the major needs of high-quality development, the main battlefield of industrial innovation and the forefront of technological innovation, the attention of the world will once again be attracted to China Auto Valley and witness the sailing of future unicorn on August 31.

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