Hong Kong jobless rate steady at 3.3 pct in Oct-Dec

Hong Kong jobless rate steady at 3.3 pct in Oct-Dec

Jan 19 (Reuters) - Hong Kong unemployment data:

* HK jobless rate steady at 3.3 pct in October-December

* October-December underemployment rate stands at 1.4 percent vs 1.3 percent in September-November


UNEMPLOYMENT (PCT) UNDEREMPLOYMENT (PCT) Oct-Dec 3.3* 1.4* Sep-Nov 3.3 1.3 Aug-Oct 3.3 1.4 Jul-Sep 3.3 1.4 Jun-Aug 3.3 1.4 May-Jul 3.3 1.4 Apr-Jun 3.2 1.4 Mar-May 3.2 1.4 Feb-Apr 3.2 1.3 Jan-Mar 3.3 1.4 Dec-Feb 3.3 1.5 Nov-Jan 3.3 1.6

* = provisional


** The government has forecast 2015 GDP to rise 2.4 percent.


"The labour market was largely stable in the period of October - December 2015. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stayed at 3.3 percent for the sixth consecutive period. Total employment and the labour force sustained modest year-on-year growth," said Matthew Cheung, Secretary for Labour and Welfare.

On the short-term outlook, Cheung said, "While the labour market held stable all through 2015, in view of the considerable downside risks to the near-term economic outlook, especially the sustained weak trend in inbound tourism, we will stay vigilant and closely monitor developments, in particular the employment situation of grassroots workers."

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