IT Security

IT Security
Organizer: SGS
24 Apr 2020 - 24 Apr 2021
00:00 - 00:00
24 Apr 2020 - 24 Apr 2021

Reasons for cybersecurity awareness training

For a delocalizing business or expanding business across different regions

  1. How to identify and verify the identity of any individuals or organization online (Email Best Practise)
  2. How to safeguard business trade secret when communicating online (Email Best Practise) (Password policy)
  3. How to identify and classify what information to share among different offices globally (Data classification)
  4. What is the best practice when traveling with computing devices (BYOD)(Public Wifi)
  5. How to defend against cyber-attack and cybercriminals
  6. Understanding the importance of information security, and generalize this idea to all levels of staff within the organization
  7. The importance of cybersecurity awareness does not only apply to the IT department or compliance team.
  8. Cybersecurity awareness must be built from the ground up, in every aspect of the organization in order for it to be effective.

This training aims to increase your staff awareness towards cybersecurity in a measurable and quantifiable way.

Course duration : 45 Mins

Test: MC questions

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