Executive Certificate Course on Digital Marketing

Executive Certificate Course on Digital Marketing
Organizer: Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA)
Jan 21, 2019 (Mon) - Mar 04, 2019 (Mon)
3/F South Seas Centre Tower 2 75 Mody Road Tsim Sha Tsui East Kln
HK$ 3,300

- To learn the features, benefits and k now- how of managing website, display advertising, search engine marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing solutions.
- To learn the digital marketing best practices with the support of real life business cases.


A. Digital Marketing Overview
- HK internet market overview
- Overview of various types of digital marketing – digital advertising, partnership marketing and corporate channels
- Key terminologies and performance metrics of digital marketing
- How to allocate online marketing budget?
- Internet advertising market trend
B. Website Management
- Tips for building a successful website
- Key performance metrics
- Search engine optimization (SEO)
- Types of website classifications
- Website design and hosting
- Business models and revenue models
C. E-commerce and Group Buy
- Hong Kong online shopping market and forecast
- Insights from global online shopping studies
- Critical success factor of E-commerce
- Business model of group buy and how it works
- Should you use group buy site to sell your products/ services? What are the factors to consider
D. Display Advertising
- Display ad formats, ad rates and showcases
- Ad serving – When, Who, and Which
- Key performance metrics
- How to read advertising rate card, and identify the right advertising channel, ad unit and pricing option?
- How to analyze and optimize performance of display ad campaigns?
E. Search Engine Marketing
- Difference between paid-search advertising and search engine optimization (SEO)
- The basics of paid-search advertising – features, benefits, ad guidelines, pricing, ad ranking
- budget management
- How to write an effective paid-search advertisement
- Useful tips to optimize ad campaign performance
F. Mobile Marketing
- How to market via mobile
- Mobile ad formats, ad rates and showcases
- Mobile Apps – The 5Ps
- Appvertising
- Key performance metrics
G. Social Media Marketing
- Overview of Social Media Marketing in Hong Kong
- Social Platform Marketing: Facebook and Instagram
- Microblog Marketing: Weibo and Twitter
- Strategic Social Media Marketing Management
- Case Studies: Award Winning Social Media Marketing Campaigns
- Trends in Social Media Marketing

For this course details, please contact Ms. Shirley Chan at 2774 8569

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