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【職場英語】打工仔惡夢!塞車苦主揮手區 教你5句英文形容交通狀況



1/ Bumper to bumper 車子一輛接一輛

例句:During rush hour, the traffic on the highway was bumper to bumper, causing significant delays.

2/ Gridlock 僵局

例句:A major accident on the freeway resulted in gridlock for miles, with lanes closed off and traffic diverted.

3/ Road rage 公路暴力

例句:The driver was so furious that he succumbed to road rage and started yelling and honking at the car in front of him.

4/ Rush hour 繁忙時間

例句:During rush hour, the subway trains are packed with commuters trying to get to work.

5/ Hold-ups阻礙

例句:The traffic was backed up for miles due to a hold-up on the highway caused by a car accident.





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