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【職場英語】打工仔10大常見痛症 佢哋嘅英文又係咩?



1/ Stiff Neck 落枕

例句:I woke up with a stiff neck this morning, and it''s been bothering me all day.

2/ Shoulder and Neck Pain 肩頸痠痛

例句:My poor posture while sitting at my desk has led to chronic shoulder and neck pain.

3/ Frozen Shoulder 五十肩

例句:I can''t lift my arm properly due to my frozen shoulder.

4/ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 滑鼠手

例句:I have to wear a wrist splint to alleviate the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

5/ Joint ache 關節痛

例句:I find relief from my joint ache by applying heat packs or using topical creams.

6/ Dislocation 脫臼

例句:The dislocation of my ankle occurred when I landed awkwardly while jumping.

7/ Flatulence 胃脹氣

例句:I''ve been experiencing excessive flatulence lately, and it''s becoming quite embarrassing.

8/ Backache 背痛

例句:I''m trying to incorporate regular stretching and strengthening exercises to help alleviate my backache.

9/ Abdominal Discomfort 脹氣疼痛

例句:The abdominal discomfort is affecting my appetite and making it hard for me to enjoy meals.

10/ Cramp 抽筋

例句:I woke up in the middle of the night with a painful leg cramp.




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