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【職場英語】舉例除咗「For example」 你仲可以用呢7句句式!

在開會匯報期間,如果打工仔想加強論點的説服力時,通常都會舉例説明。舉例能夠為論點提供具體的證據,使聽眾更容易理解和接受所表達的觀點。如果想用英文表達,除了「For example」外,你亦可以使用以下7句句式!


1/ Take the case of …

例句:Take the case of Sarah, a dedicated student who overcame numerous obstacles to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.

2/ By way of illustration

例句:By way of illustration, let''s consider the case of a small business that implemented innovative marketing strategies.

3/ To cite an instance

例句:To cite an instance, let''s take a look at the case of Mary, who lost her job due to the economic downturn but managed to start her own successful online business.

4/ To hold up as an example

例句:Sweden is often held up as an example of a successful social democracy.

5/ A concrete example is …

例句:A concrete example is the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, to meet the electricity demands of a city.

6/ … is a case in point

例句:The recent success of the company''s new product launch is a case in point, demonstrating the effectiveness of their market research and strategic planning.

7/ A striking illustration is that…

例句:A striking illustration is that despite the economic downturn, the company managed to double its profits in the last quarter.



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