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【職場英語】7大職場用語你要識!「Chair a meeting」、「Reshuffle」又點解?



1/ Back to the grind 回到工作崗位

例句:It''s Monday morning, and it''s time to get back to the grind at the office.

2/ Chair a meeting 主持會議

例句:As the team leader, I will chair the meeting and ensure that it stays on track.

3/ Push a meeting 推遲會議

例句:I suggest we push the meeting by 30 minutes to accommodate everyone''s schedules.

4/ Reshuffle 人事調動

例句:We need to reshuffle the project teams to optimize collaboration and efficiency.

5/ Contract out 外判

例句:To meet the project deadline, we may need to contract out some of the tasks to external vendors.

6/ Put (sb) on the phone 讓某人接電話

例句:We received an urgent call from a customer. Can you put them on the phone so we can assist them?

7/ Join forces 聯合

例句:Let''s join forces with the marketing department to launch a successful advertising campaign.





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