The 13th HKIB Outstanding Financial Management Planner Awards - Announcement of Round 2 Winners
Amidst increasing awareness of the importance of financial planning and wealth management, the HKIB strives to enhance the competency and integrity of financial planners and wealth management practitioners through this highly recognised Awards programme. Launched in 2006, the Awards recognise individuals who excel in the financial planning and wealth management profession.

Eligibility & Application
The Awards are open to financial planning practitioners in the banking and financial services sectors in Hong Kong and Macao. Applicants can choose to enter one of the following categories, based on their years of work experience and the nature of their practice:

Group A:
General Wealth
Management Customers
suitable for financial planners with up to three years of experience
Group B:
General Wealth
Management Customers
suitable for financial planners with more than three years of experience
Group C:
High Net Worth
suitable for financial planners who manage more than US$1 million (primary residence excluded) of customer investable assets.

Each applicant is required to submit a written financial plan, either in English or Chinese, and orally present the plan to the judges. The applicant's current employer must endorse the plan prior to submission. Applicants may write the financial plan in one language and orally present it in another.
    No. of Awards
Round 1 Certificate of Merit To be confirmed
Round 2
Silver and Bronze Awards
Best Presentation Awards
Best Financial Planning Awards
Final Round
Grand and Gold Awards
Top Nominations Awards
Judging Criteria(for Round 1)
Trust Establishment (10%)
  • Undergoing a meaningful due diligence process on Knowing Your Customer (KYC) for the purpose of understanding the person
  • Scrutinise the source of fund and wealth to confirm the trustworthiness of the customer
  • Conduct an efficient and practical risk profiling that measures the actuality of risk tolerance vs risk perception
  • Gather and build a mutual sense of investment and decision responsibility
Recognising Financial Needs and Life Goal Analysis (20%)
  • Understand purpose of life and event planning for different life stages and challenges facing family situations
  • Collect financial and personal data e.g. income and expenses, assets and liabilities, insurance coverage and retirement benefits
  • Determine customer's current wealth stage - creation, accumulation, protection or distribution
Undergoing Financial Assessment (25%)
  • Conduct reality checks on future goals vs current financial and human capital
  • Net worth and cashflow analysis, current and future inflows and outflows of capital
  • Current asset and liabilities vs future ones such as tax and estate liabilities
  • Evaluate and identify current and future financial gaps
  • Assess the effectiveness of the customer's current portfolio and investment allocation
Structuring Financial Plan (35%)
  • The concurrence of the proposed strategy built on the pillars of investment planning, protection planning, estate and succession planning and philanthropic planning
  • Recommend the most suitable insurance and protection products to meet various goals for the customers and his/ her family
  • Recommend the most suitable savings strategy and products to bridge or close the gaps for retirement, healthcare, and other life goals
  • Recommend the most suitable investment products and asset allocation strategy to reposition existing assets taking into account of risk management, domicile, time-horizon of goals and objectives, and regulatory requirements
  • Build an effective Investment Policy Statement (IPS) as a guideline for investment decisions and to manage the customer's expectations over time
Timely implementation and Expectation Management (10%)
  • Develop a detailed action plan checklist and a detailed review schedule as per the strategy and the purpose of each review and anticipated actions
  • Review goal status and impact on agreed plan and solutions
  • Examine the deviation from the IPS and the changes of risk parameter over time
  • Demonstrate the portfolio review mechanism
  • Describe a mechanism that cross-checks that customer's level of satisfaction
Assessment Process
Stage Detail
Round 1: Written Financial Plan Participants submit written financial plan based on hypothetical cases provided
Round 2: Closed Door Presentation Participants are invited to orally present their written financial plans to judges
Final Round: Best of the Best Select Grand/ Gold/ Top Nominations Awards
Date* Detail
27/06/2019 Launch Reception/Information Session
19/07/2019 Early Bird Offer Close
26/07/2019 Registration Deadline
30/07/2019 AM or
31/07/2019 AM
Training - Module I - Foundation Training (3 hours - 9:30am - 12:30pm)
30/07/2019 PM or
07/08/2019 AM

(31/07/2019 PM
class rescheduled
due to bad weather)
Training - Module II - Best Practice Training (3.5 hours - 2:00pm - 5:30pm)
01/08/2019 AM or
01/08/2019 PM
Training - Module (III) Practical & Soft Skills Training (3.5 hours)

AM: 9:00am - 12:30pm
PM: 2:00pm - 5:30pm
05/09/2019 Written Financial Plan Submissions Deadline
03/10/2019 6:00pm Round 1 - Result Announcement
30/10/2019 -
Round 2 - Closed Door Oral Presentation
07/11/2019 6:00pm Round 2 - Result Announcement
22/11/2019 Final Round - Closed Door Oral Presentation
21/02/2020 Awards Presentation Ceremony & Gala Dinner
*Key dates are subject to change at the discretion of the organiser without prior notice
The Hong Kong Institute of Bankers,
3/F, Guangdong Investment Tower,
148 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong
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