Leading Your Future Career with Innovative, Sustainability & Leadership
The Future Leader Awards 2023, a flagship event in the Future Leader Series, is designed to empower young leaders with the most future-proof skill sets. If you have strong skills in innovation, sustainability, and leadership, join us to showcase your potential and become a future leader. The winner will receive a scholarship and exclusive job shadowing opportunities with a market leader.
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Individual Winner
Each chosen winner will have a job-shadowing opportunity alongside our Market Leader. Upon successful completion, a $10,000 scholarship will be awarded as a testament to their achievement.
Team Winner
The most outstanding team winner will have a $20,000 scholarship awarded.

Thanks CTgoodjobs for selecting me as one of the awardees. The award serves as a testament to my hard work and dedication in knowledge acquisition, career development, and soft skills enhancement. Being the next-generation leader and advocate inspires me to continuously push boundary and achieve new heights in my career.

2022 Awardee - Anson Yu, Job Shadowing: HKPC

Future Leader Awards is a great chance to meet other leaders, and so to sharpen your skills. In this fast-changing society, inspiration and insight are essential to developing leadership. Future Leader Awards provide the exact precise opportunity for leaders to do so, learning from future leaders from different backgrounds. I believe that it’s definitely a lifetime experience and once in a lifetime opportunity.

2022 Awardee - Gigi Chiang, Job Shadowing: Green Tomato

Being a leader and striving for excellence is never easy, but that is exactly why we need to challenge ourselves and learn from our peers with diverse talents. Future Leader Awards is a wonderful platform for you to explore your potentials, hone your skillsets, and to prepare yourselves to enter the workplace and shape the future of our society. Join me and grow together through meaningful conversations and experiences. Bite the bullet!

2022 Awardee – Jason Cheung, Job Shadowing: HKTV

Winning the HK Future Leader Awards was an incredible honor that had a profound impact on both my personal and professional life. Personally, it boosted my confidence and reaffirmed my dedication to the business field. Professionally, the recognition provided valuable visibility and credibility, opening doors to new opportunities and connections. The meaningfulness of the award lies in the validation of my hard work and the motivation it instilled to continue striving for excellence.

2022 Awardee – Parco Cheung, Job Shadowing: HKPC

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