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Career Times Online Limited ("Company") respects personal data and is committed to full implementation and compliance with the data protection principles and all relevant provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance ("Ordinance").

(A) Policy

To facilitate the Career Times Online Services ("Service"), it may be necessary for you to provide us with your personal data. Failure to supply such personal data may result in our company being unable to provide the Service to you. The Policy set out hereunder regarding the use of personal data ("Information") is applicable to the Service provided and maintained by the Company.

You hereby agree that any Information supplied by you to the Company is on a voluntary basis, and is accurate, true, current and complete. If this is not the case or the Company has reasonable grounds to suspect as such, the Company has the right to cancel and/or refuse the Service to you.

(B) Collection of Personal Data

The Company collects the Information during:
  1. contest or sweepstakes registration;
  2. membership or subscription registration;
  3. resume compilation for member's own use.

If you are 16 or under, you must get permission from a responsible adult before you send any information about yourself or others, enter any contest, game or sweepstakes.

Information supplied by you to the Company and/or collected by the Company may include but is not limited to the following:
  1. name;
  2. date of birth;
  3. gender;
  4. occupation;
  5. educational level;
  6. current and expected salary;
  7. service and postal addresses;
  8. email;
  9. telephone or pager or mobile phone or fax number;
  10. identity reference;
  11. other data in connection with the operations of the Service by Company.

The Company will strive to maintain Information as accurately as possible and only for as long as it is required.

You understand that any and all Information you provide to the Company will be collected and may be used for the purposes of:
  1. conducting surveys;
  2. marketing and promotions;
  3. collecting data for identity ratification and records;
  4. handling and following up service calls, enquiries and complaints;
  5. maintaining contact lists for correspondence;
  6. meeting any legal, governmental or regulatory requirements in Hong Kong or any other applicable jurisdiction, including disclosure or notification requirements;
  7. providing information for internal use, including chat or bulletin boards, editorial and feedback purposes; and
  8. carrying out the user's instructions, responding to enquiries by that user or made on his/her behalf and providing users with the Services.

When you register for an account, you are given the option of specifying whether or not you wish to receive additional information and promotional material including free informational eNewsletters and job information from the Company, which may be of special interest to you.

You have the option of proactively making choices about the receipt of promotional communications from the Company and have a right at any time to stop the Company from contacting you for marketing purposes by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in the promotional email you receive or by contacting us directly at 2156 2626 or via email at

In addition, information submitted by the jobseekers will be used for the jobseekers to find appropriate employment with the employers and/or advertisers registered with the Company.

In some instances, you may also be requested to enter certain data which may be used to better tailor the type of information presented to you. In most cases, this type of data is optional although, where the requested service is a highly personalised service, failure to provide the requested data may prevent us from providing such a service to you.

(C) Use of Information for Promotion Updates

To ensure you are well informed of our latest activity news and offers, including any seminars, activities, gifts, discounts, benefits and other promotions, we will continue to provide with you information relating to recruitment, job seeking, workplace, education and self-enhancement.

We will also offer you the latest promotions, seminars, events, products and services provided by the members of Hong Kong Economic Times Group which includes, iMoney, U Magazine, e-zone; and its partners. The information covers investment and finance, property, computer, telecommunications and electronic products, education, recruitment, further studies, management, travel and tourism, catering, beauty, fashion, entertainment, trend and consumer goods, household, parenting, pet, health and well-being, insurance, culture and arts, sports, transportation, environmental protection, charity, books and magazine subscription. Also, We will also invite you to participate in surveys.

Such information could be delivered to you personally through various communication channels by using your email address, correspondence address and telephone number. You may subsequently send your request to together with your registered name and related contact information to stop or start receiving the same (if you have unsubscribed from receiving such before).

(D) Data Security

The security of your personal information is important to the Company. The Company's staff and any relevant person under a duty of confidentiality to the Company shall maintain a strict confidentiality policy on all Information collected from the Service. The Company will ensure that the employees comply with the security policies and procedures.

(E) Transfer of Information

You are aware, agree and authorize that all Information will be retained by and stored in one or more databases of the Company and will be provided to, disclosed to, accessed by and transferred to:
  1. any person or bodies corporate or division within the Company and/or the Company group of companies;
  2. any person or bodies corporate under a duty of confidentiality to the Company;
  3. employees of the Company;
  4. any contractors, agents, other persons or bodies corporate engaged by the Company for or in relation to any of the purposes listed above or any third-party service providers who provide administrative, telecommunications, computer, payments, securities clearing, insurance, professional or other services to the Company;
  5. any person by whom the Company is required by applicable legal, governmental or regulatory requirements to make disclosure; or
  6. any other person reasonably requiring the same in order for the Company to provide the Service and to carry out the purposes set out herein.

You agree that the Company may release your information when such release is reasonably necessary to (i) comply with applicable law, (ii) enforce or apply the terms of any user agreements, (iii) protect the rights, property or interest of the Company or its users or (iv) comply with the Company's Privacy Policy Statement.

In the event the Company plans to publicly post any such information on a site, members are provided prior notification of such a posting. Resume information of individual member will not be presented or transmitted to any party without consent of the member, and the same will not be publicity posted if consent of the members is not obtained.

CTgoodjobs 'Let Employers Find You' function:

The CTgoodjobs 'Let Employers Find You' function allows employers advertising at CTgoodjobs to search and view members' information in their Profile and CV. Members can decide what information can be searched and viewed by employers according to the privacy settings as described below.


The member's Profile (including contact information & Self-Introduction Video) and CV will be visible to top employers*. Other employers will be able to view the member's Profile (except contact information) and would need the member's approval to view his/her contact information and CV.


All employers can view the member's Profile (except contact information & Self-Introduction Video), and would need the member's approval to view his/her contact information and CV.


No Profile information can be viewed by any employer.

*Top employers are a group of employers selected by CTgoodjobs. See part of top employers here.

Members will receive an email seeking their approval when employers advertising at CTgoodjobs request their Profile information and CV, in accordance with the aforementioned 'Let Employers Find You' privacy settings. Members may decide to grant approval, reject or ignore the request.

An employer advertising at CTgoodjobs will be able to view the member's Profile information and CV when the member grants approval, in accordance with the aforementioned 'Let Employers Find You' privacy settings. If the member subsequently updates his/her Profile information and CV, the employer advertising at CTgoodjobs will need to seek approval from the member again to view the updated Profile information and CV, in accordance with the aforementioned 'Let Employers Find You' privacy settings.

Profile information provided by the member to CTgoodjobs may be used by CTgoodjobs for providing recruitment-related services to the member.

Employers advertising on CTgoodjobs who obtain members' Profile information and CV, in accordance with the aforementioned 'Let Employers Find You' privacy settings, may also use websites or services of any member of the Hong Kong Economic Times Group, which may result in the transfer of such information to such members of the Hong Kong Economic Times Group.

Members may modify their Profile information and CV anytime at CTgoodjobs.

CTgoodjobs will endeavour to ensure employers advertising at CTgoodjobs understand their legal obligations regarding the use and disclosure of members' personal information. However, CTgoodjobs will not accept any responsibility for any violations of such legal obligations by employers advertising at CTgoodjobs.

(F) Access and Correction of Information

Under the Ordinance, you have the right to:
  1. check whether the Company holds any Information about you;
  2. have access to Information about you held by the Company;
  3. request correction of such Information;
  4. ascertain our policies and practices (from time to time) in relation to the Information and the types of Information held by us;
  5. disallow access to or use of Information about you by the Company;
  6. be informed of action taken in response to your request for correction of the Information held by us.

In accordance with what is permissible under any applicable law(s), the Company has the right to charge a reasonable fee in relation to the time and attendance involved in complying with your request in this regard.

Any request for access or correction can be made by yourself on the web site (subject to prior confirmation of identity) or by sending the request in writing to the following:

For request of deletion of your account or information about you, it can be made by sending email or by written request to CTgoodjobs.
[Privacy Officer]
Career Times Online Limited
Unit 1008-9, Kodak House II
321 Java Road, North Point
Hong Kong
Fax No.: (852) 2156 0333
E-mail Address:

(G) Links to Other Websites and System Platforms

This Privacy Policy Statement applies only to When you click on any advertisement, use the operating system account function or access other websites by Hyperlink, you will leave this site and enter another websites or system, including but not limit to iOS of Apple, Android of Google, Windows of Microsoft. You are reminded that this site is not responsible for protecting your privacy from leakage and personal data from possible interference or influence of cookies when browsing other websites, using other internet Services, or register accounts at other operating system platforms, such as iOS of Apple, Android of Google, Windows of Microsoft, etc.. You are strongly recommended to refer to the privacy policies of such other websites (if any).


The Company may obtain data about yourself, such as your name, profile picture, information about education and work details, fan pages you have subscribed to, current location and friends, as well as information about your Facebook "friends", through our use of Facebook products and services, including Facebook Connect and Facebook Platform. The Company may use this information to tailor and improve the services the company offer you.

You should be aware that details about you and your friends may appear on our site as a result of information received from Facebook once you have visited the site. If another user visits our site, and you are listed as a "friend" of that user, your data may also appear on the site.

The Company undertake to strictly comply with the policies and terms of Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, which can be viewed at

The Company may provide links to other (external) websites or resources over which the company have no authority, but the company will not share any of your information that the company receive from Facebook with such sites. However, the company cannot control the data that you choose to submit to external websites, or how such sites use the data they obtain, so the company recommend that you carefully inspect the terms and policies of other websites that you visit.

If you would like to opt out of sharing your Facebook information with us, you must update your Facebook privacy options on your Facebook Privacy Settings page at Alternatively, you may deactivate the Facebook features on CTgoodjobs at

The Company encourage you to review Facebook's Data Use Policy and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities by clicking on the following links:
  1. Facebook's Data Use Policy:
  2. Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities:

“搵工快” on WhatsApp is an automated service provided and operated by Career Times Online Limited.

Your use of “搵工快” on WhatsApp constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) as may be amended.

The “搵工快” enables an automated virtual assistant service using WhatsApp as communication channel. The information provided for general enquiries is for reference only, and does not constitute any offer, solicitation, or recommendation for any products or services.

Before submitting your information, please read our “PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT” & “EU General Data Protection Regulation”. By using “搵工快”, you are also bound by these terms, as well as the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service prescribed by WhatsApp. All offers and services mentioned by “搵工快” are subject to the respective terms and conditions, and are subject to change without notice.

If you would like to opt out of sharing your contact information with us, please follow the unsubscribe instructions that stated in “PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT”.

For other terms and conditions, please click here (URL:


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Cookies help make the Company better, by showing how and when guests use the site. Many content improvements and updates are based on data such as total number of visitors and pages viewed. This information is most easily tracked with cookies.

Here are some examples of how the Company uses cookies:

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The cookie itself does not contain any personally identifying information although it may enable the Company to relate a user's use of the Service to personally identifying information that has previously been submitted by the user, if any.

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