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【職場英語】10個由「Get」組成的片語動詞 可用於職場溝通!

片語動詞(Phrasal verbs)由動詞和助詞、介系詞或副詞組成,是英文非常重要的一環,在口語中用得尤其頻繁。以下是10個由「Get」組成的片語動詞,幫助各位打工仔應用於職場之中。


1/ Get across使人了解

例句:I''m having trouble getting my point across in the meeting. Can you help me clarify the main message?

2/ Get back to 給(某人)回話

例句:I have a few tasks to complete, but I will get back to you as soon as possible.

3/ Get down to 開始專心做某事

例句:We need to prioritize our tasks and get down to the most important ones first.

4/ Get into 開始從事

例句:We need to get into the details of the project plan to ensure its success.

5/ Get through 完成

例句:We have a tight deadline, so we need to work together to get through this project.

6/ Get rid of 擺脫

例句:The company needs to get rid of the inefficient processes that are hindering productivity.

7/ Get over 克服

例句:I had a difficult time dealing with the conflict, but I eventually managed to get over it.

8/ Get along with 和睦相處

例句:I find it easier to get along with coworkers when we communicate openly and respectfully.

9/ Get behind with 延誤

例句:We need to work overtime this week to avoid getting behind with our client deliverables.

10/ Get away from遠離

例句:Let''s organize a team outing to get away from the office and build stronger relationships.


按下圖即睇「For example」的7句句式。


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