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【職場英語】「Measure up」、「Wind up」解咩?教你10個職場常見短語動詞!

在日常生活中,我們經常都需要用到短語動詞(Phrasal verbs)。它們由動詞和副詞或介詞組成,很難直接推斷其含義。想說得一口地道的英語?打工仔不妨參考以下10個職場常見短語動詞,將它們應用於日常生活中。


1/ Measure up 符合

例句:I hope the new employee measures up to our expectations and performs well in their role.

2/ Wind up 結束

例句:If you continue to miss deadlines, you''''ll wind up in a difficult situation with your supervisor.

3/ Take on 承擔

例句:I''''m willing to take on additional responsibilities to demonstrate my commitment to the team.

4/ Bring about 引起

例句:The new marketing campaign is expected to bring about a boost in brand awareness and customer engagement.

5/ Come online 上線

例句:The website is currently under maintenance but will come online again shortly.

6/ Shake up 進行調整

例句:The new CEO''''s arrival shook up the organization and brought in a fresh perspective.

7/ Figure out 弄清楚

例句:The team is brainstorming to figure out innovative solutions to improve customer satisfaction.

8/ Step aside 退出

例句:The manager decided to step aside and let a more experienced team member handle the project.

9/ Step up 採取行動

例句:We need someone to step up and take charge of this project.

10/ Expand into 擴展

例句:The company plans to expand into new markets to increase its customer base.


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