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The CUHK Medical Centre (CUHKMC) is a non-profit, private teaching hospital wholly owned by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). With a social mission to bridge the service gaps between private and public healthcare in Hong Kong, CUHKMC is dedicated to offering quality healthcare service at affordable and transparent package prices. We provide a full range of medical services. Our healthcare team works in an integrated and holistic manner to promote well-being of patients. 

To cope with the development of the hospital, we are looking for high caliber talents with passion and creativity to join our professional team. Together we will contribute to pioneering solution in healthcare, maximising the values to our patients, stakeholders and the community; and enabling a sustainable future. If you are looking for long-term career development opportunities and a fair, open and supportive workplace to unleash your full potential, please join us for a meaningful and rewarding career journey!

香港中文大學醫院(中大醫院)是一所非牟利、私營教學醫院,由香港中文大學全資擁有。中大醫院本著平衡香港私營及公營醫療體系差異的社會責任,以為病人提供優質、收費相宜及具透明度的醫療服務為己任。 中大醫院提供全面的醫療服務,醫護團隊以其專業知識,全心全意關顧病人,以病人的福祉為依歸。


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