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Maxgrand is one of Hong Kong's leading lighting suppliers & solution providers established 1992, brightening up Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Macau projects. We work closely with government
agencies, academic institutions, commercial and residential businesses, hospitality operators, hospitals, shopping arcades, retail and F&B chain stores.

With 30 years of lighting experience, we provide comprehensive & reliable lighting solutions. Offer extend from professional consultation & technical support, through to supply of quality luminaires, while
strictly complying with Hong Kong safety standards.

Maxgrand is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 145001:2018. 

Hong Kong Distributor & Sole Importer of globally renowned lighting brands, ensuring our product range is perfectly wide to match all designs & needs.

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Life in Maxgrand Limited

Our office

Address: Unit B2, 6/F., Block B, Eastern
Sea Industrial Building,
48-56 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, N.T.,
Hong Kong
Tel: +3927 6363

Recent Updates


2022 Rainbow Foundation-看得見的聲音

2022 Rainbow Foundation-看得見的聲音

Rainbow Foundation看得見的聲音
2022年11月在馬灣舉辦之慈善步行 - 「看見的聲音,看得見的感覺」慈善步行活動。同事們組隊與聽障人士參與馬灣慈善步行,以語言外的方式溝通,以眼遊歷,探索馬灣生態文化。贊助款項用於為殘疾人士舉辦具教育意義的活動。


2022 元洲仔古蹟海岸之旅 + 海玻璃工作坊

2022 元洲仔古蹟海岸之旅 + 海玻璃工作坊

元洲仔古蹟海岸之旅 + 海玻璃工作坊
我們於2022年10月 到大埔元洲仔里元洲仔自然環境保護研究中心進行「元洲仔古蹟海岸之旅 + 海玻璃工作坊」活動,讓同事一起參觀超過115年歷史的法定古蹟前新界政務司官邸;生態導賞員會帶領參加者探索香港僅餘的潮間帶 ─ 吐露港,認識棲息於岩岸、紅樹林及沙岸的生物; 參加海洋垃圾升級再造工作坊,並且學習將可持續生活模式應用到日常生活之中。

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